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Welcoming November, with Love

There is this month which gave good memories

It brings hope, joy and consolation

And expectations grow when the month arrives

The moments are like mixed gold dusts

Falling from eyes, distorted, unified, in-explainable

A desire to see it come and go and so on…

It tells of the way we have gone since the year

Pause. Think, a pathway to something bigger

A month of  benevolence, carved of love herself

Created to accommodate all who wished to move…

The clouds are indifferent you know

Seem they stayed in wait for the month

The Earth grow dry with each day

Either the sun is tanning here

Or the snow is falling somewhere

The air is normally dry

It brings us tidings of many cities

Traveling thru the North via the South

Riding the winds so mild, so soft

And when she passes she blow kisses

November is a month of songs

The drums, the cymbals, the lyrics, the flutes

Everything that makes life a little spicy

It is a month of apples and brown leaves

The leaves fall in circles before our eyes

I wish you all a blessed new month

Welcome to November!