When we age…


Now when our face grow older
And wrinkles come,
Will you remember once this lively smile I wore?
Will you remember how I made faces and winked at you?
The ages came and went, the sun and her toil on us
But will you remember the youth which we savored?

When we walk faintly
And the muscles are weak,
Will you still excuse me one more dance?
Will you hold my sides firmly and never let go whatsoever?
We ran, we jumped, but now the tricks of Nature set in
But will you let the fear of the future hold you back?

When our eyes get even weaker
And vision go blurry,
Will you let yourself be my better eye?
Will you bring down the world again to see me smile?
The green of Nature we see, the white of clouds we behold
But will you let the colors wipe the memories of when it was all fresh?

When we both are frail
But the beach remain,
Will you still see the boy who held your hands and kissed them?
Will you still see the moments under the sun and by the fireside?
And all we did to cuddle and laugh at what we couldnt do
But will you remember the fights, the tales, the smiles and this love?

I will cherish each day
My start like my last
And so help me God…