Hospitality as Love

Genesis 18.2


The world can only stand when we learn to love

The culture and philosophy of live and let live

Teaches us to live while letting others live

Let the Eagle perch, let also the Kite perch

None should forbid the other from perching

The love we give returns to us in some other ways

It might not in gold or silver bars, not like our expectations

It might not even come to us, but to our unborn generations

Let a garden signify love now,

A fine well tended garden

The gardener cares for the flowers and shrubs

He gives consideration to visiting birds

Dove, Pigeons, Cuckoo, Egret, Fisher and others

He throws them bread crumbs and peanuts

And finds delight in their well being

He also allows the worms, flies and bees visit

Making sure that these fellows are safe from the birds

To the worms he leaves a pile of tree leaves

And to the bees and flies he lets do their will

He watches the squirrel relocate to his trees

And feels joyful to accommodate them all

He lets passersby embrace the scent of his garden

Without these people, birds, insects and earth

There will be absolutely no sense in keeping a garden

Hospitality is another way of sharing love

Be welcoming…

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