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A far country


On crossing the imaginary line in my minds eye

I see a country far away, farther than the length of the earth

Where the strong breezes of the ocean glide with the passing cloud

And the waters are troubled each time the breezes came

The dawn break high up the brown morning cloud

And no clear vision guaranteed, for the mist woke with the morning

I have seen where the forest pines grow so tall into the firmaments

And paint the clouds with a Heavenly hue of greenish delight

I have seen where the rivers flowed to, where they travel with haste

And where the little crab and bamboo seeds hide from the sun

I have seen the bare rocks of Nature grow from the land

And how they have carved a niche for any stray living thing

Becoming a citadel to the homeless faun of the forests

And a wonder to those who had had the chance to see

I have seen the waterfalls let sparkling drops fall from the skies

And seen the men who love God call out His name in joy and hope

I have found a land where women laugh as they dance

And where the people eat dates coated in warm honey

They sit in quiet unions and look at the moon light in the night

With hopes to see the morning birds sing before they wake

I have found myself clutched to a corner

And waiting for me to offer him my hand


A muse: Heavy evening rain


And now it rains with thunder

The hand of Cold had come for her asunder,

Come let us see the rains fall by the window

Let us dance in the rain and have fun while we can

Surely, the heavy rain has come to sow

And her many seeds are spread across the land

The sweet breezes that come with her

Battled the stranger for his umbrella

The  darkness grew and tried to mar

The way  and hope of this stranger

We sit to enjoy the drama

While the rains fall with thunder!





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Smile for me African child


Smile for me beautiful child

Show me your joyful face

Let me see your beautiful smile

Come now, do not be shy

Let me see your joy

Let me see the little dimple

And the lines of your face

As they straighten up for a smile!

Smile for me beautiful African child

Do not mind what they say

Your future is bright

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The Storm is Over

Continue in prayers

-Colossians 4.2


Never lose hope when you see the storm come

Never say never before before the day breaks

For what seems to be the end might just be the start

Of something fresh,  new and beautiful

And after the cold winter comes the warm summer

The clouds might leave the day

The birds nowhere to be found

But don’t give up yet

The nights might be colder than the last

And hopes seeming to fly away like the egret

But do not let go yet

Now the dark  night grow strong

And all may seem wrong

But to faith we run

We listen to her song

We hope, we pray, we long

Bless us Lord, bless us

Let this storm pass

When the raging storm wears out

The dew settle down to her business

The wet Earth grow new seedlings

The trees bear fresher fruits

Fallen tree leaves give the soil nutrients

And life goes back to the normal

Never lose hope when you see the storm come

Never say never before before the day breaks

And if you lift your eyes to the hills

You shall see the golden sun rise again

Image from  African Storm video on Youtube