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Welcoming November, with Love

There is this month which gave good memories

It brings hope, joy and consolation

And expectations grow when the month arrives

The moments are like mixed gold dusts

Falling from eyes, distorted, unified, in-explainable

A desire to see it come and go and so on…

It tells of the way we have gone since the year

Pause. Think, a pathway to something bigger

A month of  benevolence, carved of love herself

Created to accommodate all who wished to move…

The clouds are indifferent you know

Seem they stayed in wait for the month

The Earth grow dry with each day

Either the sun is tanning here

Or the snow is falling somewhere

The air is normally dry

It brings us tidings of many cities

Traveling thru the North via the South

Riding the winds so mild, so soft

And when she passes she blow kisses

November is a month of songs

The drums, the cymbals, the lyrics, the flutes

Everything that makes life a little spicy

It is a month of apples and brown leaves

The leaves fall in circles before our eyes

I wish you all a blessed new month

Welcome to November!

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Africa: Retelling the story

What if there was no love in me for you Africa…?

I shrug, I will not think of it…

I wonder which other songs are left for me to sing

I wonder what can give me much joy for a better future

And I thank God for this gift, for Africa, for the world

For the opportunity to tell how I feel about Gods perfect Nature

And what it means to me… my beautiful inspiration!


Each time I wake from my slumber I see your beauty

I still see heart warming smiles and people around me

And the sweet torture of their warmth joyfully burns my heart

It feels so good to be part of it all, part of a blessed world

Imagine sleeping in the open air at the spying of the Wild dogs

Imagine running up the hills to fright the Lions with the Masai

Or to dance with the mischievous apes of the Savannah

And drink the sweet and fresh Mqobothi beer with the Zulu


There is some warmth even in remembering you

In bearing your thoughts and dreams…

In my hopeful traveling of the lengths

And breadths of your landscape

Through ponds, forests, hills, vales, towns and hamlets

And my encounters with the good and the bad and the ugliest,

The wild, the tamed, the birds and the beasts…

The sweet romance of adventure itself

And my undying quest for knowledge…


Sometimes I am like the Wild myself

And the Waterfalls and Ponds my fine siblings

What of the streams with reeds all over the surface

That conceals the dreaded Alligators in their element?

What of the python with her thousands of camouflage spots

Swimming in the deep rivers of the Niger and Orange?

What of the spotted Hyena with her ferocious eyes

And large head full of tattoos and curly hairs?

What of the songs from the thousands of forests dwellers

Who knew no other men, deity, world or hope?

What of many, many things I might not remember to remember

Just what of …

And what of me with everything strange about me

Writing, musing away to the tunes Nature gave me?

Knowing so well I belonged to a community, entertaining ourselves

Living together for life is for the living…

I am sorely in love, with you Africa

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The Butterfly

See Mother Natures art

See her paintings, black and white

Behold gift of the rising sun,

The wind is a prize to be won

So fly pet of the blue clouds

… skies and the wind

Break forth from the cocoon

Hit the silky walls wide open

Fly away, you pretty butterfly

Travel farther up, up the sky

Make the wind your companion

And the great freedom your own

Shoot into the blue clouds

With much energy and pride

Up the mighty skies you belong,

So spread your creamy wings

Set sail for the unknown North

Fly, fly away and find your warmth

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Let us take a Walk


 Now let us take a walk through the pine forest

Through the shed which the forest provides

Through the pathway where the leaves form a cushion

Through the place where the squirrels make an abode

And the darkness of the shrubs a shed from the noon

Come let us take a walk through the lands where wheat grow

Where our eyes will meet the wonders of mother Nature,

Through the lands where fine green forests stay

Through gardens of tulips and roses and the Jacaranda

And where the streams flow towards the estuary

Let us take a walk through lands where men keep flowers

And when they blossom they pick them for the ladies

And the happy ladies dance to the love of the men

And when they dance they turn to smile showing fine teeth

Hoping for more flowers as they twist and turn

Come let us take a walk through my minds eyes

Let us write a story of our very own imaginations

Let us walk the path which no other human ever walked

Come let us give life to stories of lands far away

And lands where the sun rise with her golden entourage

Let us take a walk through the fields called love

And drink of the elixir which heals all pains

Let us take a walk through Gods word and grace

Through sincerity and purpose, through care and humanity

And hope that planes drop cucumbers and not bombs!

Come let us take a walk through fields of wheat

Let us gather the snails and slugs with a rake

Let us make fun of the things which stay around

And when the nights come to our moments

Let us sit to warm ourselves on a fire on the field

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The Tree leaves fall

Permit me a sec before reading this piece.

I am pained to see the world destroy green life, I feel the grieve of these wonderful creatures, I feel even worse knowing I might not be able to save all the trees from the cruelty of my own kind. You all know that the trees are our best companion on Earth. Destroying them for some purposes, both reasonable and unreasonable can be our own undoing. These trees supply us with our very own air of vitality (oxygen), so please can we imagine a world without trees and say no to injustice meted on this fair companions of ours? I am taking this time to write this piece in dedication to all trees and green life, to all who see the need to protect trees and make efforts to save them.


Can you see the green leaves fall

When the tree logs fell,

Behind your window or right in your garden,

By the side of your garage or on the park nearby?

The leaves fall quietly from the trees

They fall solemnly, quietly

Swinging from a branch to another

Joyfully, weightlessly, 

Not discerning why it had to fell

 Not discerning the fault of the real world

But admiring the darkening world

And sharing in her downfall a tear

But a falling tree leaf never signify our downfall

But what will a million tree leaves look like

When they fall from the skies,

Happily admiring the dark Earth

Which we live, love and crave?

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A muse: The Thunder and her nephew


When the thunder storm descends

The clouds rumble with a quake,

For the Earth and her companions

She cuts up a powerful link

Letting her much younger nephew

Take a solid images of the quiet world

Every other force goes on pause, on mute

While the two siblings enjoy their ride

Through the Earth, through dust and air!

The wind do their bidding

And if you have much hair

Find a shelter for a bad hair day is awaiting!


Strangely there is a thing between me and the thunder,

Between me and the rains that blow cold asunder

I feel attached to the feats which the storms achieve,

To the lightning which rode the wild skies and made a weave

Of shadows and cloudy stunts, here and there, black and grey

And to the end, does not care what people have to say


Amuse: Listen


Listen, listen…

For I am about to make a poem

Of what you may ask? I do not know…


Gods masterpiece, my inspiration

The clouds sing of Your Glory mighty One

The wind surf the mild waters of the ocean

Nature is just one of  Your Great masterpiece

The Earth is Your masterpiece

She spins up the space like a speck of dust

Which fall with the others when it is time

The snow melts down into the soil with time

She feeds the moisture starved grasses

With time we are left with lush greens!

See the sun set over the hills and greens,

Watch the little mistletoe grow on the garden

Let the wonders of our Gods creation unfold

For no one can ever be like Jehovah



When we age…


Now when our face grow older
And wrinkles come,
Will you remember once this lively smile I wore?
Will you remember how I made faces and winked at you?
The ages came and went, the sun and her toil on us
But will you remember the youth which we savored?

When we walk faintly
And the muscles are weak,
Will you still excuse me one more dance?
Will you hold my sides firmly and never let go whatsoever?
We ran, we jumped, but now the tricks of Nature set in
But will you let the fear of the future hold you back?

When our eyes get even weaker
And vision go blurry,
Will you let yourself be my better eye?
Will you bring down the world again to see me smile?
The green of Nature we see, the white of clouds we behold
But will you let the colors wipe the memories of when it was all fresh?

When we both are frail
But the beach remain,
Will you still see the boy who held your hands and kissed them?
Will you still see the moments under the sun and by the fireside?
And all we did to cuddle and laugh at what we couldnt do
But will you remember the fights, the tales, the smiles and this love?

I will cherish each day
My start like my last
And so help me God…

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Just by the Countryside


Just by the countryside…

Where only fields of green stay

And where the mud mix with the clay

Live the blue Clouds that smiled always

And everything  here had something to say

The trees tower over the fine little huts,

Where the green forest sit upon the hills,

With her inhabitants living with a firm will

Across the strings of hills and valleys

With the forest giving all something to feel

When we had the mornings…

We had dew fresh like the silk

And the buffaloes supply us milk,

There is a blue wide wild lake

Which gave the forest dwellers drink

The streams are clean, flowing eastwards

And a multitude of birds flew the skies

Banging their fair talons into the sky

Making a view for the bamboo trees which stood high

And dancing to the tunes of the waterfalls when she sigh

The noon blossom under the hot sun

Yes, the heat is not so hospitable, not so mild

But the birds still soared up the clouds

The women still had millet to pound

And men with their dogs hunt the hog

When the strength of the sun go faint

The men will gather at the inn for beer

The girls make the soup a little warmer

And prepare for a happy family dinner,

Stray songs of children make the evening milder

The Nights are not easy though

She tells of many long beautiful tales,

About the strange duck sitting by the well

Or the Old granny who sit to tell the tale

Of the giraffe which tried to make a sail

Across the big wide taunting Ocean

And how the Giraffe sank without a trace

The nights seem like a miniature race

Everyone hustle down with great haste

To the Oak tree where awaits an evening rest

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The Traveler


The traveler is like the sun

Which traverse the length of the Earth

And seen her peoples and foods and cultures

The traveler is like a blast of the wind

Which blow cold at times and hot

The flying dust is a glad companion

The traveler is like the compass

Looking for the North pole

Gladly seeking the new lands

The traveler is like a big book

Though he might have read so little

He pass for an encyclopaedia yet

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The Shepherds Tale, another

Night approached silently again

And to the shepherd it was time to retire

A time of his loneliness, a time of his daydreaming

The Night  was the shepherds only companion

She brought with her a galaxy and some fresh air

And a bouquet of country music from the other locals

When the shepherd laid down, his head on his pillow of wool

He beheld the dark skies of the Night from his window

Smiling to the thought of his sheep, to the glittering stars

Which has come to welcome him from the long day at the field

The stars twinkle like fireworks, the shepherd rejoice on the view

Colorful, entertaining the sweet Night will be his only companion

And his lullaby will be sheep’s bleating and the music from the locals


Hospitality as Love

Genesis 18.2


The world can only stand when we learn to love

The culture and philosophy of live and let live

Teaches us to live while letting others live

Let the Eagle perch, let also the Kite perch

None should forbid the other from perching

The love we give returns to us in some other ways

It might not in gold or silver bars, not like our expectations

It might not even come to us, but to our unborn generations

Let a garden signify love now,

A fine well tended garden

The gardener cares for the flowers and shrubs

He gives consideration to visiting birds

Dove, Pigeons, Cuckoo, Egret, Fisher and others

He throws them bread crumbs and peanuts

And finds delight in their well being

He also allows the worms, flies and bees visit

Making sure that these fellows are safe from the birds

To the worms he leaves a pile of tree leaves

And to the bees and flies he lets do their will

He watches the squirrel relocate to his trees

And feels joyful to accommodate them all

He lets passersby embrace the scent of his garden

Without these people, birds, insects and earth

There will be absolutely no sense in keeping a garden

Hospitality is another way of sharing love

Be welcoming…

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Amuse: Poetale of a town boy


I have become the village belle

Just that in fact, I am not a girl

Nene was so good in eulogizing me

She sang of my praises even when I did nothing

She told the villagers about my escapades in the city

She told them of my big eye glasses and how it fit my face

And how it seem that the glasses wore the face instead

Now she told them the stories I was ashamed to tell

And how I wore long pants with a string they call beletu

Okay, the sweet memories I kept in this hamlet

Seem to outweigh my disapproval of the city life

I forgot that picking other peoples mango fruits

Was a great taboo, if so I am guilty… I just remembered

When the evenings came in the countryside

Nene will be the first to come take me for a walk

She will tell me to hide in the tree silhouettes

And not to let the wild boys of the hamlet see me

Why she said so I can not really tell

Well, I could feel the boys treat me with distaste

The evening was not like the town nights

The hamlets were lighted with the kerosene lamps

And smell of peoples dinner rented the air,

As we passed some of the windows on the huts

Nene will tell me, hold your nose akpiri

And she will laugh out loud in the darkness

I see her white teeth shine but not her

For Nene was chocolate brown and the night will not discover her

The trek to the village square were they sold palm beer and pork,

Where Mallams sold also the tasteful Suya which scatter my head

Was quite interesting… crickets buzzed in the darkness

And bright stars glittered up the dark, cloudy skies

Nene will let me use my little savings to buy those sweet things

And she will yell out big brother each time she wanted to deceive me

But the pain always was to go home when it was time,

When we returned from our evening walks

For warm showers and spicy hot soups

I feel the joys that come with me staying away from the city


Beletu: Belt

Akpiri: long throat

Suya: grilled meat with crushed ground nuts and spices.

Image designed by petro:


Note: Nature as an African


Mother Nature is an African. I say this because I have seen why. Africa is unrivaled in wildlife species and variety. I have had an Ostrich tower over me back then in Ondo state of Nigeria and I have met the Hyena which could have passed for a demon with her red eyes and big fury head and that was in Songhai Zoological Gardens. I have seen some quails and came so close to an African python! I have seen several species of crocodiles; the West African Dwarf Crocodile and the Nile,  the civet, boars, tortoise, turtles, giant rats, all sorts of rodents, snakes,  hundreds of different monkeys, wild dogs, hundreds of birds particularly the peacock, egret, falcon, parrots and the crown bird. I have seen many animals and plants which I might not recollect their names and places I met them.

Now I have climbed hills and traveled thru thick forests. I have witnessed a first hand experience of an African village and spent my time living in the rural. I have seen and bathed in waterfalls and her sparkling waters that washed down the valleys.

I hope to see even more…

If you visit Africa to see these wonders, trust me you will be glad you did.

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A far country


On crossing the imaginary line in my minds eye

I see a country far away, farther than the length of the earth

Where the strong breezes of the ocean glide with the passing cloud

And the waters are troubled each time the breezes came

The dawn break high up the brown morning cloud

And no clear vision guaranteed, for the mist woke with the morning

I have seen where the forest pines grow so tall into the firmaments

And paint the clouds with a Heavenly hue of greenish delight

I have seen where the rivers flowed to, where they travel with haste

And where the little crab and bamboo seeds hide from the sun

I have seen the bare rocks of Nature grow from the land

And how they have carved a niche for any stray living thing

Becoming a citadel to the homeless faun of the forests

And a wonder to those who had had the chance to see

I have seen the waterfalls let sparkling drops fall from the skies

And seen the men who love God call out His name in joy and hope

I have found a land where women laugh as they dance

And where the people eat dates coated in warm honey

They sit in quiet unions and look at the moon light in the night

With hopes to see the morning birds sing before they wake

I have found myself clutched to a corner

And waiting for me to offer him my hand


A muse: Heavy evening rain


And now it rains with thunder

The hand of Cold had come for her asunder,

Come let us see the rains fall by the window

Let us dance in the rain and have fun while we can

Surely, the heavy rain has come to sow

And her many seeds are spread across the land

The sweet breezes that come with her

Battled the stranger for his umbrella

The  darkness grew and tried to mar

The way  and hope of this stranger

We sit to enjoy the drama

While the rains fall with thunder!





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Smile for me African child


Smile for me beautiful child

Show me your joyful face

Let me see your beautiful smile

Come now, do not be shy

Let me see your joy

Let me see the little dimple

And the lines of your face

As they straighten up for a smile!

Smile for me beautiful African child

Do not mind what they say

Your future is bright

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The Storm is Over

Continue in prayers

-Colossians 4.2


Never lose hope when you see the storm come

Never say never before before the day breaks

For what seems to be the end might just be the start

Of something fresh,  new and beautiful

And after the cold winter comes the warm summer

The clouds might leave the day

The birds nowhere to be found

But don’t give up yet

The nights might be colder than the last

And hopes seeming to fly away like the egret

But do not let go yet

Now the dark  night grow strong

And all may seem wrong

But to faith we run

We listen to her song

We hope, we pray, we long

Bless us Lord, bless us

Let this storm pass

When the raging storm wears out

The dew settle down to her business

The wet Earth grow new seedlings

The trees bear fresher fruits

Fallen tree leaves give the soil nutrients

And life goes back to the normal

Never lose hope when you see the storm come

Never say never before before the day breaks

And if you lift your eyes to the hills

You shall see the golden sun rise again

Image from  African Storm video on Youtube


It’s World Teacher Day


Teachers create a civilization through their every day activities. Now by teachers I mean everybody who give out knowledge to others in any way or any form, not just the school teachers. I know someone out there will agree with me that teachers are awesome. I might not write a loving poetry to tell you how wonderful you teachers are but I like to use this opportunity to appreciate you all and share some love to you via my blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you deserve more than apples.


African desire


My land is green

Africa, my Africa

Together we win,

My humble desire


Your arms are long like the bamboo weed

The smoothness of the riverside air sooth it

The hornet, the weavers all spread your seed

And with joy, we come to you to inherit


Your moments are fun, beautiful, we are joyful

You are full of splendor, full of colorful butterflies

We wait to see the yam sprout, we are hopeful

With the coming rains, we plant our rice


But wait, soon the sun will shine here

Soon the sleepy forests will come alive

Soon I shall be traveling, here and there

And soon I shall see your pretty smiles


The greenness of this land know no bounds

(Remind me) that these colors I must never get used to

Let the quietness of my soul, of this great land

Paint many colors and let it all be sweet hues


I am surrounded by thousands of trees

Which danced for me  in the dewy morning

In the evenings crickets hide in the shrub leaves

Finally, in these I happily put my hopeful singing



Loves Silhouette


The evening came shyly

The sun set before us

And the end of the world

We see fall below the hilltop

The sweet airs wind traverse about

They travel with grace

Flirting with our hairs and cloth

Now it is darker but can you see me?

It is the sun set

And she smile up those hills

Nothing is left behind

But our own silhouette of love

And I stand before you, staring

Staring into your blue eyes

While the sun set quietly beside us


Muse: Unabhangigkeit Nigeria!

We are that patch of hope
That grow like the jute rope
And we are the sunlight,
We are a mild climate
We are the Cassava
We are Enyimba
We are the Jos Plateau
Having mornings and dew,
Evenings and the moonlight
We are the bees and the locust
We are a culture
Of enterprise, of tradition
Blessed by Nature
With waterfalls and the rain
We are the rocks of Olumo
And the Afang soup of Uyo
We are the muddy Enugu
And the cattle ranch at Obudu
We are the Niger River
And the confluence city of Lokoja
We are the hills of Isuikwuato
And black people when we stare in the mirror
We are made beautiful
We are copper skinned and yellow
We grow millet and sweet corn
Our mills grind the grain
For we are great farmers
We are the land of the Shea butter
We are a hundred of million
And each number a person
And this is much power
In this we are stronger!
We have hills and valleys
We are the green plains and Iroko tree
We have arid deserts and mountains
We are the fine Lagos lagoon
We have rainy and sunny days
And bush tracks and highways
We are a people of diversity
We are greater even in unity
We are tongues and nationalities
We have learned men
Professors, soldiers, craftsmen
We are the African spirit
Both modern and ancient
We are highly intelligent
Can’t you see?
My motherland is great
And this is because of our unity!
We worship our God, Jehovah
And we reverence Allah!

And now, this is Nigeria!
Unabhangigkeit Naijeria!

Today doubles both as a new month and Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary. So I have written this little piece to celebrate Nigeria. Happy New Month of October!

Nigeria is plus 1 today. Let us over look our differences and work in unity. Images of great Nigeria will be posted soon.

Unabhangigkeit: German word for Independent.

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