August night poems

The night is full of fresh air
One which come with the wind
Talking of the Wind, she is irresistable
Sweetly, comely to the flesh of men
And a quick aid to the lullaby’s effort

It seem it will pour heavily, sometime later
For the Lightning had come to snap pictures
Of the Earth and the men that dwell therein
And if it won’t rain, maybe the wind will go
Just maybe…

The several songs of the night now come up
‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star!’ How I wonder…
The ceaseless episode of the wailing bull frogs
And the fire bugs and warm crickets wake
Night birds; bats, owls and the rest
The hundreds of night voices unseen:
The wolves in the fields
The hovering mantis
The insects, the hogs
The things that walk the night
Gross and fair, thin and huge
Small and great, hideous and free
All in local unison sing a song like the choir
And rest on the night for their cover and shield

Down the chimney, a lot of drama unfold
The tongues of fire lick the woods quietly
The smoke move like a puff of air, rising into the air
And on the chimney lay a wake of dust, coal and soot


Cold Rain in Uyo

There was a rush of rainfall on the window side
Accompanied by a burst of cold wind
Which ate deep into the flesh of careless people
And caught people in between the crossfire
Of the cold wind and the torrential rain
There was no ceasefire, whatsoever. No peace, no victor
Just calm disaster. One accustomed to the people

The Clouds heavy stomach rumbled and purged above
And what big stomach she has!
For the length of the Earth
Marveled with each of her rumbling
And with each purge she sent down
A squirt of rain upon the bored Earth
Followed by a burst of a very cold wind

Now the day is far spent without the sun
The bright day slip away from the gentle morn
to a shivering, cold, dark and sleepy noon
So is the days tale, so is the tale of the cloud and rain
And their dilemma with the ever cold wind

The rain fall continued, fading away quietly,
Fading away to rise again after less time
The wind seem confused, she seemed misjudged
For she came and went without a quick notice

It is already late to assume that the sun will rise again today


A muse: Love

Days pass to weeks
weeks to months
Roses grow to shrubs
from greens to oranges

The dawn to dusk
path of life is made so;
seasons come and go
so do memories

When it shines
we remember the rain
when it storms
we remember the sun

Nothing is absolute
nothing will be perfect
without love and care
nothing will be worthwhile

The sweet nectar
grows in the flower
the bumble bee finds it
and makes honey from dew

If nothing is nothing
then something is something
If love is worth dying for
then that explains the Christian

But to desire without reason
that is ultimately absolute
but to care without affection
that is the purpose of true love

…We can never know who has fallen in love or hasn’t
Or why they falled in love or why they haven’t

but the ultimate is loving without reason


The Glass Wall, and a commentary on friendship

The angered throw stones at the glass wall
He shouts and curses,
He yells and he faints
But the glass wall sits and watches…

Rain fall, the sun beat the weathered glass
The smear of mud from passing vehicles, the sweat of palms
… But the glass wall sits unperturbed

The stain of ages passing by,
The cold touch of the nights
and wear and tear…
Yet the cold wall had no heart

So is life bottled up, unrepentant
Not noticing when true friendship of love
Slipped away…

People lose real friends when they chose to take them for granted. The Glass wall symbolizes the person who had lost emotion or feelings for a friend. The purpose perhaps is to draw attention to people change falling back on how you treat or take them. It is necessary to change if the people around you are not seeing your worth or value. It is never known on records that a human life is tied totally to the existence of a friend. But as social animals, we chose for ourselves friends; people who serve as family. But when people who are supposed to be ‘family’ or friends act weirdly, it is best to move on.

We should learn to appreciate the people in our lives, no matter what. Visit, call and relate with your family more, forgive freely, love dearly without expectations, give to the needy, enjoy your life, spend time with people who have nobody and in all do these things with the love of God. Though we have billions of people in the world, you might never find an exact of who has been there for you. Yes! You might see someone better, but what about history? You can never erase that. Make your family and friends see how important they are to you by the way you treat and take them.


Paper Poetry

Shake off the fatigue

The world waits to meet you
The world waits to celebrate you
Look beyond the dark skies
Look beyond your heights
Look beyond the rain and storm
Look beyond the past dreams
Hit the weakly cocoon
Break the walls open
Fly butterfly, fly away
Never hesitate on your flight to glory
And may God bless your efforts
As you grow this seed of faith
The world waits for you
You are the best, yes you! :):)

So have for yourself an amazing week!bigger smily


African Inspiration

I see inspiration.
In our conversation,
In the mornings we talk
My pen grow fruitful
Your memories take me places,
to the peaks of African ranges
and where the lion cubs stay

I see the future
Bright and blue,
the clouds crystal clear
Like spring water rushing in haste
To other lands where the sun shine
Where the stars glitter in the night
And me thanking you for flying high with me

I see myself…
When you are around
I feel the warmth
Of your words in me
They encompass my whole being
You remind me of my joy
the one I cultured from the pen

…and when I see myself
I see a future inspired by you!


A Dying World

Dear Diary

there is too much pain in the world
I do not believe everyone is evil, no
In the midst of the crowd, there are very good people
but they are very quiet and maybe scared
they let the sick and evil ones destroy the world
the world grows sick with each passing day
but hey! Nobody gives a damn, I am alone in this
seems I see this world radically, but I am not wrong atleast
there are devastating wars in the Arab world
see green patches turn black with pollution
and whole species going extinct in a twinkle
people suffer lack of water and medical care
in an advanced age of science, technology and (war!)
infants and children die of curable diseases
we buy feed automobiles fuel made from biogas
and yet there is no food! Oh God!
rivers that we grew up with turn around to flood our homes
driving us away from were we call home
torture, rape, hate and all that degrades man is common
we watch Teevee while the world spin to disaster
nothing is the same anymore…
Love is slowly filtering away…
To somewhere, maybe another planet
I do not believe everyone is happy or (sad)
Reason being that I am a little bit in between
the strain of the dying world and human carelessness
make me sad, the love of God Almighty give me hope

I am pained and unhappy with all these happenings
I hope one day mankind will find love for one another…


Lullaby: African Good Night

Have you ever been on the pathway to sleep
And all you could see was circles
twisting and falling like mild paintings
on the wall?

Strange as it seem…
The queer songs of the night
come alife
the sweet tune of the frog choir across the road
where the rain water log…
And the treble voices of the cricket clan
play a wonderful track, which accustomed to the night
brought some relieve and some (sooth?)

The night throws a black blanket
over the tired earth
From a window, yawns filter in
there are other activities…
Nothing to interupt a well deserved sleep

Good night, sleep tight
May Gods angels keep you safe


Darkness falls

Darkness falls…

The cries of night wolves and wild dogs
Rent the airs far away deep in the forest
The wind grew milder, the moon light brighter
And the sweet lullabies ring out from homes
A tradition, one which the little ones adore
The evening simmer into a deep darkness
As the African tales went on, on bedsides

So went the day, in this quiet hamlet


Poetale: Drought Land, songs of Reality

There was a land, somewhere in Africa
Where the rain won’t come for a long time
The people are lean from walking distances
In search of streams or rivers
But sometimes they get no water
For Crocodiles lived in those rivers
And they were always hungry, always!
So the men went with local guns
While the women followed with baskets
The distance was long and stones cut their feet
The children most times while struggling to climb the hills
Fall and faint… Same with women and men
A trip to the water side will take till mid day
And what was the prize?
Muddy, eel infested water from the earth!

Then, the river thinned out like the men
The sun took her toil, sucking away the moist
Once again, the people stayed without water
And crops withered with each morning sun
The land was barren, the people too…
And so was there crops and animals

A week went without rain…
People packed to leave the land
But then a child yelled excitedly
Pointing towards a growing cloud
That fast approached the clan
Then came the sound of the rumbling clouds
A light shower and the whole town went joyful
Some rain, some lifes… Africa…
No one will say, when the rain will go AWOL next

Many had died because of no good drinking water. Infact this is one of the major causes of human deaths in Africa. As we know, water is life and anything short of clean water can pose a serious threat to human lives.
This poetale is intended to draw attention to Africa’s major problem: lack of potable water. Now the poetale might sound relaxing but the real facts on ground are troubling. Africa needs water, and Africa needs your help and prayers. #Supportafrica, #HelpAfrica today.


A little Faith

Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God …1st John 5.5

Here comes lines of cheer and wit
Grown from experiences, from the heart
A rule of success, everything perfect
An elixir of healing for all round health
A beacon to help a man become great
And a seasoning to give taste like salt
A pill to uplift the soul, body and spirit
A Divine arrangement for all on Earth
These lines are born of thought,
For this substance makes a man fly higher than the Kite
And to believe in it, one can reach the mountains heights.
It helps vision clearly even with fog falling on twilight
For those who saw the future, blue and bright
They believed though they never saw it yet!
They worked in Gods perfect design and path
For in so doing, God revealed His great might
And led them thru the dark tunnel to light
He provided their needs and made them give to others gifts
To them He gave to keep for the rainy day and to clothe
And now they believe in Jehovah Almighty for the best
For ye who desire this, grow this little seed called Faith!


Okechukwu’s Haiku

The night came and went, but we are awake to Gods call
Though the night brought darkness and bricks of wall
To everyone, men and women, great or small
Yet the love of God wakes with us to perfect us all

Good morning from Africa!


Fallacy of love

Dear Diary…

When two hands merge, they stick together
Lending, caring, hoping and loving
The stream of cord bonding both
Strictly fight for their loves survival
Distractions sprout up the root of the creeping weed
Tearing apart the bond that once lived happily
I crave for some fresh air in the open
I love to meet new people,
I wish you do the same too
For if we wouldn’t work
Then we were never meant to be

Can’t you see…
That we are two different people?
That without you I survived
And without me you lived?
But do you think this would work
When our ego and pride let us lose?

Don’t be scared to move…
The earth is full of people
And we haven’t met any yet
But if you might wait…
I give you no assurance
That I would come back to you


The Wind

There was heavy wind, swooshing about
Just behind the hut where the pots lay
Now it surged. Paused, Sudden… Play
The wooden doors creak restlessly
Like horses surround’d by wild dogs
Near the bush, the wind whipp’d tree logs

The sweet fragrance of other houses came
The stench of the sewages woke up
And roofs flew off houses with no luck
Whistling pines started a quick rehearsal
Drawing to attention a memory of the wind
Waiting for the crescendo, the clan sang along

Stressed up, the plantain leaves dropped
The stars and moon took a fast flight
For the wind grew in power and might
Cats hidden under the dense garbage
Scrambled off for safety, the rats after them
All to seek refuge from the winds great storm

The clouds are pitch dark, cover’d entirely
By the grim hands of the warring wind
And to men and all, to bed she calmly bid
Drawing figures of stray sand upon the earth
Throwing ones garbage behind anothers backyard
And sweeping the town center, like a man gone mad

But the winds asunder most times are a lullaby
Yes, the sweet breezes that move about the house
Tickles everyone, man, woman, child, pet and mice
The heavy wind continue’d her joyful rage
And behind those huts where the pots lay
It went on and on. Paused and sudden… Play


The Village chief

There was a chief in the wild plains,
A warrior and a leader of the clan
He fought in the war of the White men
And returned a warrior of other lands

” Igwe! Igwe o!! Igwe i ga adigide!”*
The men of the clan always hailed him
For he desired peoples praise than honor
And that was only when he could smile
He walked on the head of the downtrodden
Rode on carts carried by human muscle
And thinks himself a god or a demon
For he drew on his face a traditional tattoo,
Painting a strange image from the Cashew.
The King feared him, the whole clan too
He walked about, other men’s wives to woo
The choicest of lands and fields he took

He recruited for himself thugs and local militia
To do his bidding and mask his evil deeds
Bearing some powers, he molested the Kings men
He had a strange stick which spewed fire
Yes- the firestick can throw a hefty man to his back
And tear away chunks of his body, piercing even the toughest
So no man dared stand on his way, no one could confront him

And one day he got the smartest insult of his life
He had forcefully snatched a parcel of land belonging to another
Feeling obsessively invincible, he and his hench men
In the evening, a crowd of young men had gathered
Before his small palace, disturbing his peace with noise
And making his hench men tremble with confusion
In no time the hench men had disappeared
Leaving the old man with his fire stick
He was angry that the crowd dared treat him as such
Also he was scared for he knew he must be wise now,
His life was hanging on a stone balance

Now he stood glaring at the shouting mob
With eyes ferociously burning like sulphur,
Angry that the crowd dared challenge him
Trying to curse the crowd with gestures…
When a shoe hit him on the face, sparking him off
In a rage of confusion, pain and ire…
He set a foot aside, raised his shot gun
And fired into the clouds, as the crowd dispersed
Snotting like a wounded wild pig, he strod back
Into his palace gates, cursing the runaway crowd
And never again will he underestimate the peoples will

Igwe, Igwei o, i gadigide: Long live the ruler!


Clouds; Rain and Sunshine

Have you thought of the Cloud,
Of her dilemma with the Sun and Rain?
Why the rain fall heavily or faintly
Why it is gloomy and why it shines?

The wind fly mildly across the horizon
Up the skies, were the birds watch men
And the Sun with her warm heat shine
Sometimes the clouds would let it rain
And to a shelter everyone would run
To avoid the sudden strife from the rain

But when the sun rises perfectly
She paints the land with a beautiful color
Throwing her golden light upon the darkness
And saving everyone from the lazy gloom
Even so, the weather calms when it shines
And men go about their activities unperturbed


Lullaby: A tale of the cold night

Once upon a time…
It was a night of bitter cold
And snowy storms gathered,
The weight of snow lay thick
Upon tree leaves and branches
The slopes wore a sore face
For the ice cold winter air
Was so cruel to the night
The little lake was half frozen
And the ducks flew away
To vacations in other lands
The moon was quite bitten too
For she went pale with each burst
Of the ice cold wind
And the animals suffered frostbites

Several snow balls raced down
From the clouds, falling in circles
With the wind blowing them off
Swinging about like the dance of the flame
Upon a straight candle…
The Ice King stood motionless
Admiring the triangular Mountain
Which stood at the edge of the forest
Birds came to lack their songs and voices
For the moisture on their beaks was gone…
Gone with the freezing hands of the Night
The squirrels and hamsters stay huddled
Waiting for the morn, for the sun to rise
But the Night was way too young to go
So in mockery, she teased her inhabitants
The deer, the moose, the doves and the owl
No one was bold enough to walk the night
Even the trees on the forest wished for a citadel
It was severely cold; terribly, ferociously cold!
The wolf pack came bounding in from the hunt
Eyes red like the smoking sulphur, hungry and bent
Under the tree shed, just beneath the tree roots
The rats burrow, seeking the dark earth to warm up
Partially avoiding the new arrivals, the wolf pack
For they were rude and ruthless like the cold night
‘I wonder why the Night is at her worst tonight’
The leader of the wolf pack began with a sniff
‘See! I can’t even feel my fur, it is terribly sinister’
Another wolf called out to the hungry pack
‘Maybe the Night is heartbroken, can’t you see?’
The ferns that grow by the tree roots said
‘Or yet the Night is wooing the heartless Mountain
With her face turned to the east of the forest’
The turtle dove on the tree branch offered
‘I agree totally with you’ a dark Cricket quipped
‘Nonsense! I say she is confused, absolutely confused!
How can she ever love with such coldness?
How can she be heart broken and punish others with her pain?
I say she is a confused person, and so she is!’
The leader of the wolf pack suggested, angrily
‘As for me, it is not adequate enough to conclude why,
But pain and love can also cause persons to grow cold’
The philosophical woodpecker reasoned


The Shepherds Tale

The day ends with a big stress for David
But to him, this was not any challenge
As he walked thru the hamlet, near an inn,
‘Hello David! Come have a drink with men,
Come and have some fun , will ya?’
A soldier yelled as David passed by
‘Oh no sire, I will be late for dinner.
My brothers just came back
From the ranks for some family time
I better be going for night falls…’
The soldier grunted a good bye,
‘Alright, anyone seen this huge Philistine?
They say he has got two heads…!’
The soldier was talking with his colleagues
And Davids ears picked that up… two heads!
What manner of man will he be?
David shrugged, he wasnt meant to fear
David called out to his sheep, whistling softly
As they gather together, running towards home
Bleating joyfully over a full stomach of rye
On the door of the caravan…
David could hear his brothers voices talk
Happy memories flood fast back to him
And he quickly locked the barn doors
Patting his favorite sheep, as they nod
‘Halo there! Look at you, all grown!
Aww, is that a moustache, is that?’ Elihu said
‘Come here, little brother… Come have a sit’
The taciturn Abinadai said happily
David bowed before his brothers
And walked in, leaning his shepherd stick
Upon the wall by the window side
‘Tell me about your sheep and eh everything’
Elihu said, looking mockingly at David
‘Oh the sheep! They are awesome!
They are cute and absolutely pretty
I like most the feel of their grey tongues
When they lick off the grass from my palms
I have killed a hungry bear and scared off a lion
When I take the sheep grazing, the sun shine
Look brothers, I learnt the harp while at the fields
The smell of the grass in the early mornings, ah!
That I can not equally describe’ David rapped
The look of disgust fills his brothers faces
As they looked at each other over the table
‘Well I must commend your efforts David,
But we missed your absolute nonsense
Hope you become a man soon enough
And here is a toast to our little brother!’
So saying Elihu raised a mug of wine
And the brothers joined to drink to Davids health

Laying on the bed, David clutched his pillow
Looking thru the window towards the barn
Up the dark skies, as the moon shone
To where his humble sheep lay asleep
He dozed off, smiling at the thought of his sheep
Dreaming that one day he will care for his people, Israel
The same way God made him tend to his fathers sheep


Love note

This is for you my dearest…

There are twists and turns on the way
Hills and valleys
Darkness and light,
But love, true love surpasses any hindrance or fear

I do not dance very well,
I might not sing so well
But I can love you in many ways
We can ride the Lions back, we can do anything, Yes!

I stare upon your graceful looks
Upon the lips that pout before me
Wonders of natures benevolence
Have you imagined the dreams we can build together?

I shall make a fire for you in the cold,
And in words burn the world
In my minds eyes you shall live
In the evenings I shall read you my tales

Let us give our love to Nature
Grow also our love of God Almighty,
Tend flowers and plants in the yard
And assemble a variety of animal pets

Have you seen the sun rise?
I shall take you to the lands
Where the the golden wheat grow
And the climes where men watch the deer

I dream about you,
Though I discipline my mind
It strays back to your memories
Your smiles, your face, your sweetness

I will draw your name on the beach sands
And scare the white waters from washing it off
Let me make you see the wild Nature,
What we can be, just you and I

I care for you,
Fighting the world, my very self
Dragging the pen over my paper
Writing your name in pure ecstacy

Let me remind you of my love,
Never look down to the strength of this
For lo, I kill my pride and ego
And for loving you I do not understand why

At the end of it all
I want you to hold my pen, look in my eyes
Put down all we can do or be together and,
Never forget with me you can be unlimited


Lions and Lionesses

Lions could be cute and cuddly,
But only without their teeth and claws!

They prowl the thick vegetations of Africa
And plains of South Asia…
With their manes as crowns
They rule the African jungle
They roar from afar…
And all tenants of the wild;
Deer, Elephant, Boar, Zebra
Wake to listen!

In the night, they set all ablaze
With eyes blood-shot
And paws ready to pounce
On any stray person…
They rule with clench fists
Crushing every opposition
Tearing opponents, flesh bones
And blood…

I always loved this cat, and thought of having to tame one as a pet. Are they not cute? Maybe not, when they are hungry. August 10th happen to be the Worlds Lion Day, so join me celebrate this exotic creatures of God.


When the rains go

The ponds will go dry
As the rains slowly go,
And the clouds very shy
For she will have none to woo

When the rains go to other lands
She carries her entourage of wind,
Throw into childrens eyes fine sand
And leave a handsome wreck behind

The weather grows hot in the evenings
And in the early mornings, the cold bite,
The dew hung like smoke in the morning
On the village centers vales and heights

But when the heavy rains go
The people complain even more,
But why I do care though
I am glad the mosquitoes go too!


The Palm Tree

I wonder why it is called a tree
Yet she is dressed like a masquerade
With thorny arms raised to deliver a blow
And fins to wade thru a turbulent storm

Dangerous as she looks,
She is quietly harmless
Swerving from one wind to another
She enjoy the attention of the airs

When there is a heavy storm
She guides the little shrubs
When the sun shine bright
She takes also much heat

She stand, tall and fixated…
Breaking the wind surge
Wearing a grim apparition
One of piety and grace

She possesses queer tentacles
Which come as green leaves
Growing a shade of shadows
For every thing which seek refuge

The tree is both benevolent to man and wild
Dancing to the tune of both commanders
She gives her fruits as food and snack
And the leaves and barks are vegetables

So this person called the Palm
Is more than a tree.
In parts of lands below the Tropics
We can say she is part of the culture

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Bulie Dikem: Abu Ekele nke sitere n’aka Oke’ Iroegbu

Bulie dikem!
Eze ndi eze niile
Chukwu nnam
Aka m di n’elu,
Chi oma m
Onye ike niile di n’aka
Unu kporo ya isi n’ala
Nani gi bu chi di ndu

Kedu ihe madu bu
Ma o buru na, ime ghi ya otu?
Anam enya gi ekele
Ndi Igbo kwenu, kelenu Chineke
N’ihi rue mgbe ebighebi, ka ebere ya di
Chukwu nnam ke amamihe
A gam eto gi, n’olu di iche iche
O ruru gi Eze eluigwe
Obi n’atom nini nini
O dighi onye di ka Chukwu
Onu m juru n’ekele
O gaghi ejum onu ikele gi
Gi mere ka ndu fodurum

I have written this in Igbo language and below is the translation.

Title: Arise my Warrior: Psalms of Praise from Oke’ Iroegbu

Arise my warrior!
The king of Kings
God my father
My hands are up for You
My good God
The One who holds all power in His hands
Let the world bow before You
Only You are the Living God

What can a man be
If You didn’t make him so?
I give You the glory
Igbo people I salute you, Praise Jehovah
For His mercies endureth forever
God my father, the ever knowing
I worship You in different languages
You deserve it, King of Heaven
My heart rejoice, happily
No one like God
My mouth is full of praises
I can never be full of praising You
You that made me have life
Thank You

Learn Igbo language here.


Gods Love Endures: A Happy Birthday to me

”…Goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the House of the Lord for ever and ever, amen.”

From the rising to the setting sun
Gods love endures forever and ever
In the warm summer or cold winter
And by His Grace we are winners!
Let the weak wake, the also the slumber
Give thanks, give thanks to Jehovah
His Love endures forever and ever

Give thanks to God, our Nissi,
Forever God is faithful to me
Join me reverence His majesty
For He has shown to me mercy
Grace and blessings follow me
The One Who gave my heart poetry

Today, August 8th is my birthday. I give glory to God for letting me behold another beautiful day. Recalling each year of growth, made possible only by GRACE I acknowledge Him. It is about Jehovahs mercies. Join me celebrate and by Gods Grace we shall carry on.


Nursery Rhyme: The Bamboo by Oke’ Iroegbu

Bamboo, Oh Bamboo
Take a look at you!
You are very tall and mild
With stems, severely strong
And leaves straight and long

Bamboo, Oh Bamboo
The favorite Panda’s chew
You blossom upon the waterside
Spreading your branches like a canopy
Over everyone in the small community

Bamboo, Oh Bamboo
Your greens stay hidden in the dew
The men look to you as wild
Yet you become a source of food
And to many more a bunch of wood


…To memories

Now I smile back to my paper smileys
Re-living my hopeful memories
Life sometimes may seem confusing,
But you just have to smile and live on
And on my books I draw for myself happy faces

The memories of pain or joy;
Are part of human existence
Why is there love and hate,
Why is there sugar and salt,
Why is there water and earth,
Why David and Goliath,
Why victory and defeat,
And why is life and death?

Help the people in your life
Expect nothing in return
Love, care, provide for people…
Let God use you to wipe tears
To be an angel to someone
Do not let go, this may be your gift
Be contented- look to the brighter side
For in doing this, you will find joy

I have realized that in my stay with self
That ideas filtered in more easily
And mercies and dreams grow bigger
There is a great power directing me,
Giving me the strength never to lose faith
The power of my loving God
I have never achieved this with the crowd

An elder friend once told me
‘Never belittle yourself to any man or woman’
Surely, my hopes rise when I do it all alone
‘People always want to eat their cake and have it
And as for love that comes in several bundles,
Do not let anyone play with your feelings…’


Nene: African woman

The braids on your hair
Is typical of the African woman
Black and totally natural. Nicely fit
Pulling back your cheek bones
Into the hair…
Like a young gazelles face.
Your nose is like the fine basket
When you breath, it is a wonder
And it seems you walk on flowers

When you dance, you smile
Showing white teeth, unspoiled
The teeth: straight and strong
And perfectly fits in
And when you love, it is real
You are black and beautiful
Bold and honorable…
You care, you dare, you are lover
A definition of Gods wonder

When you pout and smile,
The reins of my heart horse drop,
You melt my heart with your laugh
Sometimes I want to run away
You wear beads of several twines
Swerving your body like the snake,
You dance, turning and laughing
And looking above your shoulder
To see if anyone watch; I am your admirer


At the countryside

The scent of travelling delights me
To lands I have been or haven’t seen
But it is more desiring to go somewhere,
Quiet, natural and homely-
Nothing compares to this ideology

The smell of gasoline and burnt tires
Is now my friendly companion
For the road has been a customer
And places my joyful partner
The cities pass by, the jungles too
The trees swoop by, waving a hearty bye
Same with the clouds, wearing sad faces
And the people who stand by the roadside
The city is probably cruel to all
But the journey, my journey continues
Through palm forests and swamplands
And the farmlands with scarecrows
I arrive at the countryside
To regain some pure air,
Safe from the noises of the township
Safer from the crowd that I loath
And the smoke from cars and cigars

I am free atleast…
Free from the city’s hustle



How I missed you beautiful city
The city that made me a man!
Oh, how lovely it is to walk your streets
Like Robin back from the gaols of France
But then the city wear a new look
Like a silver bracelet, shiny and comely
Upon the old things the new thrive
New Owerri and her cultured trees
And the people with their fine lives

The trees which I left as infants
Are now matured, bearing fruits
The roads are not so perfect,
The streets now bear gates
And men still scooped silt
From the waters that flowed east
There has been a tremendous growth
One unexplainable to me but cute
Strange architectural works of art
Here and there, they calmly litter,
The palms blossom by the city center
Overlooking the fast flowing river
See the lonely marble soldier
A sculpture depicting power
I missed the ever hot soup dinner
And the Hausa man who sold to me suya*
Now I am left to observe and wonder
For God has made here a blessed area

I lived in Owerri, capital of Imo State for a year when I did my Industrial Training with Diamondbank Nigeria PLC. Living without my family members taught me a lot about life, working professionally, chosing friends and managing my finances, time and self I came to realize I just became a man. Last week I was in Owerri, I could notice some changes which was actually sweet. I still love this city much…

Hausa: a tribe of Northern Nigeria.
Suya: delicious slices and pieces of meat, usually cow… grilled in the open air on sticks and meshed with onions, cabbages and grounded pepper.


August night

I shall sing like the nightingale for you
Throwing flowers before your feet
And make for you a fine cuddly seat

Tonight I will stand behind the mango tree
And I shall call out to you, so we can meet;
So we can hold hands and walk to the square*

I shall tell you my favorite folklores and stories,
I shall tell you about the night and why the moon is half
And how she got herself eaten by the tall giraffe

Tonight I am going to tell you how I feel,
I will tell you all I have for long kept in me
And if you do that your laugh I will run away

There is a marrow of love I have for thee
I shall let you have it and let go of my wit
If you agree to play the strings of my joyful heart

Welcome to my birth month of August everyone. I will like to give a shout out to Lize Bard, she has been reading this blog as far back as I can remember. Thank you Lize and to all my followers, loving and liking my works even at my worst performances I say a big thank you. Have a blessed new month of August. I love you all.

Square: Village square, town centre.


August: Paper Poem