Musing: For a special friend

Can I call you my engine or engineer
You steer my desires like the wheel
You play the strings of my heart like the guitar
You sink my sorrows like the submarine
And make my heart skip beats always
I race forward like the locomotive
Up the hills, with force and might
You train my courage,
“Hope is a waking dream”

You fan my face with graceful limbs
And with your sweet perfumed papers
My dreams are your utmost desires
You pray for my own good
You call me a special friend
Nothing compares to your memories
Nothing can come in between us
Smack my hands when you act the turkey
I’m glad your even someone funny

My smiles come from thoughts of you
There is no peace in me, if your face I can’t see
And now I recall your adorable words
“Just be good and do what you should”