Musing: A Lovers Tale

“I will love you even when the tree leaves fall
In the winters cold and summers heat
I will love you even when the days are gone
And when the nights grow even darkest”

I submit to you
All I have and own
I am your servant
But I am your lover

The nights must come
But we have each other
And we shall make the fire burn
The flowers we tend together

You tell me tales
I tell you mine too
But my tales are longer
You fall asleep before my last

Now what do you see in my eyes
When you stare in them?
You sweetly called it love right?
But you see yourself in my eyes

The morning is airy
We stand at the curtainside
But my arms are hairy
And it does tickle you

What if I told you something
That I care about your happiness
And that each time you smile
My heart rejoices in a joyful bliss

Look upon me now am young
Remember this grey-colored eyes
Remember also my elfy ears
Do not forget for I shall ask much later

And when my poetry muse
You shall always be my theme
What more happiness can I thank God for
But for you, my amazing friend and lover?


The Birds fly away

The birds fly happily away
When the sun returns to her sleep
The wind grows softer with the day
As the warmth burns down deep

The birds fly happily away
To lands where the sunflower grows
And the mushrooms grow in hay
But the moists stay till the ‘morrow

The birds fly happily away
With plummages of different hue
And in strange tunes they cry
Flapping wings across the skies’ blue

The birds fly happily away
Wearily, their young strive to follow
Working, trying to not fly astray
And where the nests are they all must go