Rejoice: I’m an Uncle!

You have the bright eyes of a young deer
Tender, I wonder what you think
Each time your eyes happen upon me
This same pretty eyes that let tears fall
Innocent, lovely and specially gives hope
You pull my hair when I lift you up
Do you think they were your play tendrils?
Your hands hold everything, books, pen, phones
In a fine babyish smile, your mouth pouts
My little child you are awesome and pretty
And for all my life, I shall let those memories
Of the first smile you gave me live in my heart
God bless you my fine little child…

For my cute little niece, Rejoice Onyeabor. Very inquisitive and observant baby. Born to my elder brother and taking after him… I see my attachment for this baby, for all babies grow stronger. The future is in their hands, so parents; mummies and daddies, uncles and aunts, everybody, show some more love.