Peace & War

“…Once we knew peace
And then a brother raised
His hand upon the other
The world was never the same again”

We wake to the sound
Of the buzzing bee
And the fine sight
Of green and clean fields
Loved ones smile and roll
On the sweet smelling turf
The airs blow freely
And all is sunny and happy
The clouds are blue
The birds sing for all
From the tall flowery trees

Now the streets go empty
The war machines are coming
Where will fall next?

Now we wake to the sound
Of heavy machines and bots
Trampling bulldozers and vans
And rockets waiting to explode
The fields are full of grease and oil
And even with patches of blood
Now loved ones cling to our hands
Tears for the dying world
Come to cloud peoples’ eyes
The last leaf fall from the tree
The world is no more free

What is the cost of peace
If we don’t understand the beauty
Of love and live, which we need?