Poetale: The old man and the Garden

Once upon my little hamlet
When the mornings are quiet

And the villagers all move out

Some to the farms, some to the rivulets,

Even though it rained the previous night

I went to the garden in the morning

The clouds were bright and sunny

The wasps and bees were out hunting

I saw an adder with her hissy warning

Also at the gate, a weary figure kept standing

So the plan for some tomato stew failed

And in my heart of hearts I joyfully wailed

‘Heem, Hallo there!’ he must have noticed

My approaching presence towards the board

He tried to move slowly, but almost stumbled

‘Hello sire’ I greeted when I saw he was old

He looked up, wearily his mouth smiled

He had grey hair upon his bard head

He wore a pretty fanciful black sun shades

So the smile in the glass made him look wild

‘Can I help you sire?’

‘Oh no no, your fine gardens I admire

In an innocent relieve I sighed

Trying to recall when last I admired

My own fine veggies, again I sighed

‘Do you mind if I came to have a look?’

‘No, I mean yes’ I remembered the snake

‘Well, I have got some seeds of Artichokes’

I looked into his face, it wasn’t a mock

Why must this adder spoil this, for goodness sake?

‘Uhm, sir would you like a cup of tea?

I wouldn’t mind if you spent sometime with me’

The culture around here, adores hospitality

I knew he needed some warmth and cosy

So after a little while, he followed me

Once inside my quiet and fine sitting room

My little citadel, pen fortress and home

Where all my wildest fantacies are tamed

Everywhere; Pen, paper and poems

And I believed he must have thought me lame

Well, I offered the tea as I promised

And left him, knowing he is relaxed

I made sure all the windows were opened

‘Ehen, ehen, ehen’ he sneezed

I turn to see him clean his and nod

‘Come, let me tell you the secrets of the garden

Trying to draw my attention

‘Make your heart a beautiful and green garden

Full of flowers, shrubs; sweet smelling and fine’

He laughed at my confusion and lay again