Psalm: The Stream flows…

” The Lord made the Heavens and Earth
And all the creatures that walk on it
He sends the airs and her comfort
To my weary self, each dark night ”

The hills above the ground
The grasses grow upon it
The Eagles whine up the sky
And the blues paint the clouds
Where the greens and blues meet
There is a fine tint, very mild

You made the butterflies colorful
And the squirrels to sit upon the trees
The Porcupines with fine spines
You made all men beautiful
Waters rush in haste upon the streams
And the winds in relieve, sigh

The whiteness of waterfalls fall solemnly
Voices in the caves reply to my song in echos
And the bats hover about in confusion
The world, fauna and flora, and all ethos
All migratory birds fly happily in echelon

The streams flow…
Waters in haste
To other lands
Quenching the thirsts
Of the clay, fauns, flora and man

I love all You have made
I am in love with You, Jehovah