March’s Night Rain

“Oh goodness it rains!
The windows clap about
And the curtains dance
To the wooing songs
Of the sweet airy Night”

And I can feel the rain drops through the window
And the smell of the new rain upon the dusty roof
The curtains blow up and down my weary face
All is cold, all is warm, all is truly entertaining
Oh, lullaby; mother Natures’ drum keep playing…

What sweet sleep the shepherd observes
For the Days toil has come and gone
And I upon my bed listens to a song
Which no voice or choir can ever sing

But to my bed sitted by the window
I lay bare-chested tossing about
From one end of this cold bed
To the other side by the window
On this beautiful rainy night
One of blessed airs and wild winds
Tuning in high pitches, sweet rendition;
A lullaby I can not find elsewhere…

I must say a good night to you all,
Oke Iroegbu


Yesu, my love

”The sweet fragrances of the morning
Has come to my nose and face
Yesu masoyina, You made this possible!
Even when I lay like a log of wood
You came to wake my slumber Lord…”

Now the mornings has come
It is still dark but very warm
With the morning, Divine providence
I hear the sound of twittering birds
I smell the airs of the dry earth
As the dusts suck the last rains moist
The wind is full of soothing comfort
I feel Your blessed and everlasting support
For the peace which You gave my soul
And also, the blessed cravings of my soul,
The beautiful faces and light I see
And the sweet dreams You gave me
I look up to You always, my Provider
My God, my lover and my Jehovah
And through all I do, You are my direction
For You are my sure source of inspiration

I can’t reverence You enough Father
I wake strong to say, na’gode Allah!

Na’gode Allah… Thank You God
Yesu, masoyina… Hausa language for Jesus, my love

Hausa is a northern Nigerian tribe whose cultural influences spread into Niger republic and some West African countries.