Little seed

Small seed, a poor prize
Which I carried along all this while
In my forgotten pocket and in my heart
I am going to plant it someday though
And watch it grow from my window
And everytime I wake in the morning
I shall look to it as the sun rises
From my old rusty window
And I shall remember everything
That ever happened to me
The good, the bad and a memory
That must tell me how lucky
I am to make it home



When the creepy hands of darkness departs
Then comes a flush of renewed energy

Do you feel the sweet and virgin morning airs, fresh?
Do you love the warmth that comes with the rising sun?

The mornings signify a new life
Never tie yesterday to this new life
But stay awake to the worlds vanity
Be conscious of the worlds dying love
Of deception, lies and gross pretence

After the ice-cold winter
With dead tree silhouttes
Comes the blessed summer
With sweet ripened raspberries

The world may seem dark and hopeless
Plants die and cripple to live again
In its wake, she becomes so pretty
And nothing takes her innocent green

Let your heart remain beautiful
Let all sweet memories of goodness
Be alive in you, aye!
Make it a garden of vegetables
Drive the poisonous thorns off
Live a life, help deserving people
Read my poetry, stay beautiful!

Do not despair, nothing stays forever
Many a lessons are learnt in mistakes
The beautiful faces sag and lose it pride
The wise and foolish all one day dies
The good soul is beautiful
The face withers, it is a deception
Noth, deserves a golden burial
In the wake of something new
Let your thoughts come swiftly back
You can be you, without the departed

See the world newly
Pray and talk to God
Write your own stories
Read with smileful infants
Run after pretty butterflies
Pick fruits from the mango
Watch an ant colony
Sit under branchy trees
Stare at the moon alone
Tell a tale to the world
Paint the colors in your mind
Count the night stars
Believe in you, be cuter!
Be yourself, be better
Dream bigger, be stronger
Never be scared of loving again
Rather be a human being!

For when a tree looses a leaf
Another one grows to replace it