Musing: Chinyere Duroha

I heard you fought near Libya
And other parts of North Africa
The stories told of your bravery
And as I watch your old pictures
As you pose with a rifle in the front
I wonder, I ponder
Will I ever grow your courage?
I was told about your exploits
About how you beat up a racist
The promotion that followed afterward
And the stories of bunker fights

I heard that you hunt in the forests
When men stay asleep and the day is gone
And the moon is gone far away from home
That you killed pythons and wild cattle
And that you hold many titles in the clan
I wonder, I ponder
When such strength I shall grow?
Heard about your ways with the wild
How you study the fish and the bird
Your traps that caught antelopes
And the wild and crafty porcupines

I heard that you farm virgin lands
That you love your people and life
And you also love your tradition
That you plant the king of foods
And you give to the needy and poor
I wonder, I ponder
If I could be this, I appreciate
I heard of your large yam barns
Of the gardens of fresh vegetables
I heard of your discipline and love
For your family and for my mother

Now they call me a reincarnate
But how true are these they say of me,
Am I such or should I wait to see?

For Chinyere Duroha
World War 2 Veteran and my grandfather