Take me there

Take me to a place where the sun shines
Where flowers blossom in the summertime
And the yellow wheat fields stay in quietness
Even as bees and beetles buzz about the trees
And butterflies hover about in sweet abandon

Take me to a place where the airs are mild
In the mornings after a stormy night
As the Marigold and Rose give their scent
And the patter-pattering of the rain drops
Falling on the rooftops gives a lullaby

Take me to a place where the rain falls
Where pools of water grow about
And the sweet spring water leap joyfully
As the grey fishes swim about carelessly
And tree leaves fall in circles solemnly

Take me to the gates of Heaven
To the city made of gold and diamonds
And where women laugh as they dance
With bowls of almond cakes, wine, bacon
And cheese design the table for dinner

Take me to that place
Where my eyes will see
The beauty that Your love can provide


Your Smiles

Your smiles are awesome
They make me speechless
And when the day is spent
Upon my face, the stress
With your smiles and scent
Thoughts of you are heart warming
You are sweet and hug deserving