Yehobhah, God of Invincibility

Oh Lord of all life
The one with the power of invincibility
He who made the Universe and all in it
With mere words of mouth
The pillars of the Earth stand erected!
He rides the thunder storm in the dark
And like the passing of grey clouds
The Sun rises on His command
The day sleeps when He wills
All life praise His Holy name!

The Scots call Him Yehobhah
Upon the stony hills on the sea side
His majesty’s power is felt
And up the skies the Eagles
Show the extent of His glory

Jehovah is invincible
He is adorable
And my God He is!


Aba, The Enyimba City

See the roofs on houses, dust cladded
And the palm trees stuck to the ground
Like a majestic knight standing guard
The streets wind up the road

Ogbor sits on a hill up the vale
The ancient city and fortress
Once on the river flowing fast
Washing strange mens nakedness

The harmattan brings dusts upon all
The skies are blue most times
Highways are full with cars that whine
But upon the gross confusion men dine

Women trade in the markets
Some men drink heavy stout
Always, people traverse about
But in the evening, the lights go out

Ariaria sits where the city allowed it
The noisy and busy Ngwa town
Wakes with the rising sun
And today a tale must be written

I was raised in this Eastern Nigeria city. The owners of the land are the Ngwa, a sub unit of the Igbo tribe. Also known as the Enyimba city, and harbors the Enyimba Intl FC of Nigeria. Aba is predominantly a commercial center and many markets and industries are situated there.