Airy Night

The evening is cold
The airs are mild
It blows very sweet
Into the eyes of all
Burnt ashes fly about
Even as the evening is dull
And people lay yawning
The wind continue to blow


The Leopard Man

Once, deep in the heart of the hamlet
A terror strikes in the dead of the night
Tears, blood trails and fresh paw marks

After the moon light, come a deep roar
From the forests that live with the hamlet
A terror descends upon the quietness
Two small balls of light ravage the village
In the pitch darkness of a moonless night
Scaling the thatch fencing and in a “Maah!”
Huge goats and cattle get missing
The dogs bark angrily and fearfully
They can only bark, the beast believed
A snarl, and the dog park scatter out
And in the morning people go about
Counting the loss and growing goose pimples
And staring at the disturbed garden plants
At the back yards of unfortunate victims
The children hide behind their parents
Trying to fit their foot to the paw marks
The dogs sit like bewitched hounds
Staring at the mess the visitor brought

Back in the deepest forests of forests
The deadly beast of the night prowls
Under the bushes that are made dark
By the trees that shield the forest
Waiting for an instruction, a guide
The evil that men learn, strange cruelty
The spirits of men transfered to a beast
And in such grim circumstance,
There is no mercy, no pity
There is no fear of man or attitude
For once the spirit of a man
Is transfered to a beast
A havoc unknown to time is born

It has been known that in ancient times, some people are capable of turning to wild animals like the hyena, leopard, lions and snakes to attack or take revenge on other people. When two occultic families engage in a dispute, most times they settle with such a fight, one turning to a wild animal to attack another. Also, these people are a cabal of “medicine men” that can conjure spirits of men into an animal, thereby allowing the animal to act on behalf of the man. If the animal is wounded or shot it affects the man whose spirit it carries. To read more about this you might like to read The Bottled Leopard by Ike Chukwuemeka, a heart touching and fascinating story of a young boy whose spirit was tied to a leopard without the knowledge of their family and his pains, adventures and his ordeal in the new school he happened to be admitted to.

The poet tries to paint a picture of such an atmosphere. This poem is by no means occultic. It is purely my imagination.
Oke- Iroegbu



Tonight, reminds me of thee motherland
Thee land of great forests and men!
Of streams and vast farmlands!
The home of the Cashew and the Palm
The scenery of Mother Natures beauty
A painted work, done only by Nature herself
Great hills and vales surround thee
Oh how love flows when you are remembered
All day, the people are full of smiles
The cold nights are made warm with your memories
A land of the Pheasant and the Hyena
In the hot sun, you shine forth
And the little sun insects scamper about
Let me behold thy beautiful presence
More and more, for thee land
Is my tale and inspiration


Worthy Is The Lamb

Holy is the Lord
The mighty One of valor
He rules over all the Earth
He commands all nature
And holds the Heavens
With pillars we see not
He is seated upon the throne
In the heaven of Heavens
Praise be to You, Jehovah!
Worthy is the lamb of God