Nature Poetry

Musing: Besides the Waterfall

I stand before the rocks
On the edge were waters fall
Through the block were ferns grow
And the white crystals drop solemnly

And I call out to thee
Hear me, dear mother Nature
Though I am confused and shy
I come to ask of thee something
All about me, I fear greatly
I fear for the thoughts come to me
The thoughts of losing the one I love
For she is so dear and her version rare
The color of her eyes are sweet grey
And the perfumes on her hair,
Fresh each morning I smell them
She is very tall, like the Pawpaw tree
And when she laughs, my thoughts
Comes to a fierce sudden halt,
She has the grace of the deers limb
And walks majestically, like the Pea-hen
The wind is always cool when she stays
The moon mock my shyness
I crave a planet just for we two
But alas, I fear;
The joy of her acquaintance
Tells of many sweet memories
Which will live for a thousand years
Now tell me, mother Nature
What am I to do, to love her more?
For she gave me her true love
And since this beautiful acquiantance
I see the morning clouds, clear
As the crystal drops fall from the waterfall


Natures Fury

Even as your shadow fall upon me
But in the midst of the grim darkness
I see a ray of light, I see hope

You summon the wind with your mind
Scattering the tree leaves all about
You drive the wild cattle away from the field
As the clouds separate the blue from the white
To reveal the scorching sun heat
Unleashing upon the timid, quiet Earth
The drops of rain that fell on the ground
Flood the whole arena, with debris and silt
The thunder strike heavily, with deep sounds
The people retreat, each to their tent
The lightning take some crooked pictures
Binding the world to its cruelty
And all this while, you sit and grin
Thinking of another trick to bother the world with