Musing: If Love

If love is a fruit it will be an orange
If love was up the firmaments, it will be the sunshine
If love was a poetale, it will be the tale of the Giraffe and how he ate the sickly moon half
If love was a color, it will be many hues mixed together without any description or identification
If love was royalty, it will be a king strolling upon his land, with sweet smelling ornaments and gardens of tall trees
If love dwells upon the trees, it will surely be a squirrel peering about the leave covered branches
If love is another story to be written, it will be a one of a lover gone to war to defend the territory where his lover abides
If love was my memory, it will be the mangoes I picked up the fields and how one landed on my head
If love was a fun time, it will be me running after my grannys goats yelling like madness
If love exists truly, it all came when I saw you first and how things became new
If love ever changed me during the Harmattan, I would be an Arabian prince painted white with the wind
If love lives on the Earth, humans will care for each other, for trees and fauns that stray the wild
If love was a lady, it will be a dancing woman, swerving and taking curvy moments and smiling always

At the end, love supersedes all thinqs, love changes many things, love controls some things.