Love Life

Sometimes life is dry and brown
The green leaves of trees mean a little
The sight of snails crawling gives no fun
And all about there is no color or joy

The firmaments seem to be grey
The rain that falls tickles painfully
And the scorching sun so annoying
Isolation from Natures cruelty comes

But when love is found up the hills
Or somewhere, where the mole burrows
The dusks become dawn
The setting sun a rising sun
The dark become light
Weaknesses turn to might

Now your love changed me again
Gave me a new life, so sudden
The winds sing to me sweet tunes
And to your love as it blossoms
Now sitting besides you gives confidence
Walking with you brings joy in abundance
Inspiration comes brings all alive
And the mind becomes creative
The evening air sends your scent
And the roadside flowers smell sweet
All things become beautiful
All because you are now in my life

I am worthy of love
And I love you