My Sunshine

I call you sunshine in the morning
Because when the golden sun rises
Thoughts of you come to me
Like clouds gathering to give the rain

Throw the curtains open
Watch the sunshine filter in
Thro the windows, painting gold
Upon all it touches as it wakes

Now there is no star in the morning
But the lonesome golden sun
That brings warmth and heat to us
Taking the moist off the Earth

The ripening of the grape and wheat
Thro special effort, come from the sun
Blesses the land with abundance
Giving hue to the wild darkness

Sunshine, a growing mass of heat
When you rise up the horizons
The wild comes to take some warmth
Scuttling serpents, straying reptiles

And after the cold dreamy night
You come upon the Earths surface
With your grace and power
Giving hope to all that desire it

But I call you my sunshine
For you bring to me joy
Staying as the rising summer sun
To travel back only in the evening


Glittering Stars and the Surging Wind

Do you see the stars shining up the skies
Winking quietly as we stare up?

Do you feel the winds surging about the hamlet
Pushing all on its way, to and fro?

Now the stars are mild, taciturn and free
And they shine tonight with wooing airs
The quietness that come with the night
Confirm its unison, its oneness with the glittering stars

The winds bring its strength upon the surface
Rushing sand dusts into peoples eyes and homes
Pulling the shrubs up and disturbing all life
She oppresses womens gown, laughing with abandon

But even so, the stars glitter
As the wind play her trick
On the quiet hamlet