When the clouds are dark with the rain imminent
And the banks overflow with abundance
When the scorching sun dries the mud into cakes
And leaves the land barren with no fruit
The grace of the Lord leads us ahead
Bringing us all manner of good tidings

Let the Lions roar up the rocks and plateau
And let the streams be filled with crocodiles
When the nights are cold and solemn
With darkness growing and shadows abound
The grace which surpasses all comes to us
Our fear will be gone, our footsteps even firm

When men wander through the length of the Earth
Searching for love which no man has ever seen
When there is little or no hope
And the candle lights go out slowly
Grace comes to save us from vains grip
Giving us the love that come from above

Hausa language is a Nigerian language spoken predominantly in the North of the country and Niger republic. It is one of the largest languages spoken in Africa.
Alherin, the poems title means Grace in the English language. Originally meant this piece to be sang.