Amazing she

To you beautiful one
I have many a word to say
But tonight I shall be brief and absolute

Do you know how beautiful you are
When the morning sun shine on your face?
You wear a graceful apparition
Bringing warmth to mens’ heart
You stride upon the pathway
Like a proud Peacock surveying its pen
Your smiles speak a lot of you
It lights each new dawn
And like a match stick
You ignite the passion in men
You are one of a kind
You are a queen walking tall
A fine model distinguished, how exotic
When you laugh, the world bows
Your teeth, white like a morning snow
Your dance steps set the hall aflame
You laugh as you take each step
Like the descending of flowers
Your feet thread softly on the floor
And as the Nightingale, you sing
With a voice pitched to sooth
When you dress on the mirrors front
It marvels at your elegance
You swerve about, dancing in circles
Raising your hands as you turn
Clapping merry men, sit and lust
With their jaws and jugs of broth drooping

And to end my little disturbed acquiantance
I call you an awesome being,
A creature made by Heaven
For your smiles, leave me in wonder



Tonight, we moan
For love that is alien to Earth
For the pain you bear
We cry for you Paris

For love, we weep
For thee mother Earth
For men’s ruthlessness
And the hatred that stays

Bombs, hate and anger
Humanity in taste for vengeance
Destroys the efforts of centuries past
And innocent souls made to waste

If we understand the pain we cause each other
Then we could fall in love again with ourselves
Let there be change and repentance
Let’s pray for care and love

For Paris in times of tribulation
When days turn nights
And when terror strikes the hearts of men
We pray and console

For Paris as she mourns her dead in the 13th November, 2015 attacks. May these souls Rest In Peace, Amen.