Musing: Love

Sometimes love comes to us
How we care for those
Who have no feelings
Those who like statures
Care neither for our present
Or the future we so seek

Sometimes love is cruel
She breaks the heart that loves
It prolongs pain and suffering
The suffering of the mind
And the divide behind trust
Love comes like a two edged sword
Thrusting a blade through a heart
But for perseverance, it could be worse
The pain could pull down a warrior
It could burn houses and a whole clan!

Love is beautiful
It sees nothing but joy
Merriment, hope and a future
Love cries not for pain
Love cries because of herself
She sits in a corner
Peering at the shadows that leave
The shadows that disappear
As they came to her

Love is powerful
She conquers the hearts of men
Of kingdoms and Lords
She raises a tower up the skies
She draws a line across the horizon
The men find her wanting
The women see her shadows

Love is poetry
For I can see love
In all poetry does, it cares
It finds a way to teach
And to hold on to faith
Even the hate that brew
Upon the face of the Earth
Has no power on her

I have genuine love, for you
I would say that always
Never doubt me for it is true
It does play on my fancy
But if I wont say it as you will
Never hesitate to stare into my eyes
These eyes of mine will tell you more