My Sunshine

I call you sunshine in the morning
Because when the golden sun rises
Thoughts of you come to me
Like clouds gathering to give the rain

Throw the curtains open
Watch the sunshine filter in
Thro the windows, painting gold
Upon all it touches as it wakes

Now there is no star in the morning
But the lonesome golden sun
That brings warmth and heat to us
Taking the moist off the Earth

The ripening of the grape and wheat
Thro special effort, come from the sun
Blesses the land with abundance
Giving hue to the wild darkness

Sunshine, a growing mass of heat
When you rise up the horizons
The wild comes to take some warmth
Scuttling serpents, straying reptiles

And after the cold dreamy night
You come upon the Earths surface
With your grace and power
Giving hope to all that desire it

But I call you my sunshine
For you bring to me joy
Staying as the rising summer sun
To travel back only in the evening


Glittering Stars and the Surging Wind

Do you see the stars shining up the skies
Winking quietly as we stare up?

Do you feel the winds surging about the hamlet
Pushing all on its way, to and fro?

Now the stars are mild, taciturn and free
And they shine tonight with wooing airs
The quietness that come with the night
Confirm its unison, its oneness with the glittering stars

The winds bring its strength upon the surface
Rushing sand dusts into peoples eyes and homes
Pulling the shrubs up and disturbing all life
She oppresses womens gown, laughing with abandon

But even so, the stars glitter
As the wind play her trick
On the quiet hamlet



When the clouds are dark with the rain imminent
And the banks overflow with abundance
When the scorching sun dries the mud into cakes
And leaves the land barren with no fruit
The grace of the Lord leads us ahead
Bringing us all manner of good tidings

Let the Lions roar up the rocks and plateau
And let the streams be filled with crocodiles
When the nights are cold and solemn
With darkness growing and shadows abound
The grace which surpasses all comes to us
Our fear will be gone, our footsteps even firm

When men wander through the length of the Earth
Searching for love which no man has ever seen
When there is little or no hope
And the candle lights go out slowly
Grace comes to save us from vains grip
Giving us the love that come from above

Hausa language is a Nigerian language spoken predominantly in the North of the country and Niger republic. It is one of the largest languages spoken in Africa.
Alherin, the poems title means Grace in the English language. Originally meant this piece to be sang.


What do you see in Poetry?

Every morning comes the fever
The fever for an adventure
Come from writing and love
Waltzing blue inked pen, full of life

And when poetry was first made
God sent it down to Linguists
Saying “What do you see?”
They raised their brows quietly
Mincing words, struggling to find the description

Poetry was then passed to Lawyers
For they sat all day bored
Listening to strange talks and soliciting
But the inspiration come with poetry
Changed many a thing; reasoning came

And when it was sent to Lovers
And He said do “what do you see?”
Amazed they were, for they just stared
Feeling the awe it brings forth
Loving even more, for it healed the heart


Muse: A love poem

Your love sinqs for my heart
It shoves and kisses my hair in sleep
Blowinq sweet fragrance into my eyes
Smiling in a pout when my eyes open

Your love brightens my dark nights
It plays on my muse all day
And draws my curtain from its place
To let the golden sun rays flush in

Your love pulls my ships sails
Dragging my slumber with fierce care
Letting the Heavens blue clouds show
And letting my flags fly high!

Your love has changed my views
Giving me a sight beyond the horizon
Now the dusts of the ground mean a lot
The birds of the air say even more

Now your love proves it all
It feels like the flowing of the spring water
Rushing thru peebles on rocks
In joyful haste and pure ectasy

Written for a loved one.


Two Poems for love

The night stars shine gleefully
Through the windows I watch them
Thinking, wishing and praying
Feeling the airs of the moment

Now I stare at a lonely star
Up, up those black skies
The lights coming from this star
Was very bright and lively

I wondered as I looked through this window
I realized that this star was sent
From someone caring, loving and mine
Not every human are lucky

This star tells me much about you
Your smile that come in the darkness
And when my eyes grow weak
Memories of your smile come to my sleep


Burning Grass

It is the time of the year
When the grasses are burned
And the fumes dance happily
Up to meet the blue skies

The hawks and kites circle
The fire hunting stray rodents
Men beat the bush about
Minding the farm crops nearby

The smell of the fume
Spreads about the place
Pushing the acrid smoke up
Forming a wonderous sight

The nights creep in quietly
Even from the far hamlets
One can see the smoke rise
As the grass burn, slowly


Amazing she

To you beautiful one
I have many a word to say
But tonight I shall be brief and absolute

Do you know how beautiful you are
When the morning sun shine on your face?
You wear a graceful apparition
Bringing warmth to mens’ heart
You stride upon the pathway
Like a proud Peacock surveying its pen
Your smiles speak a lot of you
It lights each new dawn
And like a match stick
You ignite the passion in men
You are one of a kind
You are a queen walking tall
A fine model distinguished, how exotic
When you laugh, the world bows
Your teeth, white like a morning snow
Your dance steps set the hall aflame
You laugh as you take each step
Like the descending of flowers
Your feet thread softly on the floor
And as the Nightingale, you sing
With a voice pitched to sooth
When you dress on the mirrors front
It marvels at your elegance
You swerve about, dancing in circles
Raising your hands as you turn
Clapping merry men, sit and lust
With their jaws and jugs of broth drooping

And to end my little disturbed acquiantance
I call you an awesome being,
A creature made by Heaven
For your smiles, leave me in wonder



Tonight, we moan
For love that is alien to Earth
For the pain you bear
We cry for you Paris

For love, we weep
For thee mother Earth
For men’s ruthlessness
And the hatred that stays

Bombs, hate and anger
Humanity in taste for vengeance
Destroys the efforts of centuries past
And innocent souls made to waste

If we understand the pain we cause each other
Then we could fall in love again with ourselves
Let there be change and repentance
Let’s pray for care and love

For Paris in times of tribulation
When days turn nights
And when terror strikes the hearts of men
We pray and console

For Paris as she mourns her dead in the 13th November, 2015 attacks. May these souls Rest In Peace, Amen.


Musing: Love

Sometimes love comes to us
How we care for those
Who have no feelings
Those who like statures
Care neither for our present
Or the future we so seek

Sometimes love is cruel
She breaks the heart that loves
It prolongs pain and suffering
The suffering of the mind
And the divide behind trust
Love comes like a two edged sword
Thrusting a blade through a heart
But for perseverance, it could be worse
The pain could pull down a warrior
It could burn houses and a whole clan!

Love is beautiful
It sees nothing but joy
Merriment, hope and a future
Love cries not for pain
Love cries because of herself
She sits in a corner
Peering at the shadows that leave
The shadows that disappear
As they came to her

Love is powerful
She conquers the hearts of men
Of kingdoms and Lords
She raises a tower up the skies
She draws a line across the horizon
The men find her wanting
The women see her shadows

Love is poetry
For I can see love
In all poetry does, it cares
It finds a way to teach
And to hold on to faith
Even the hate that brew
Upon the face of the Earth
Has no power on her

I have genuine love, for you
I would say that always
Never doubt me for it is true
It does play on my fancy
But if I wont say it as you will
Never hesitate to stare into my eyes
These eyes of mine will tell you more



The days are made beautiful with your glorious appearance
But when the sun rises up the clouds, the warmth is taken
And for men, faces become a caricature of disgust upon the mirror

In the morning even before the Suns rising
The firmament and the pathways is filled with mists
The track to the stream and forest is covered
The road is treacherous, for snakes sleep in your wake
The dews settle upon the leaves of trees, weighing down the branches
And all about the vegetation, smell of burning grass and wet clay stay
The greens turn red with dust
The greens frown and grow brown
When the hawks circle the skies
Searching for stray rats and chicken

The sun rises afterwards
Hot and boiling
Drying, dehydrating all
Taking the wetness off the trees
The thirst for water becomes paramount
The streams and rivulets
Quench the thirst of body and soul
Refreshing, fruits become a taste

Harmattan brings both joy and love
The evening breeze brings cool airs
A warm distraction from the heat of the day
The dry muds crack as men thread upon them
The leaves crack and fall in circles
Stripping naked proud trees and shrubs
The streams become more shallow
Children play in them, throwing water up
At one another in pure ecstacy

When the nights happen upon men
The mists return to shield the way
The moon shine lightly,
Upon the village and hamlet
The shadows of trees are hidden
In the thick fog which grows about
And when men gather in the inns
To paint the works of the day
With words come from cracked lips
And voices high pitched like the Nightingales
The airy evening bring good tidings upon them


Methodist, for Ediongsenyene and MCF Uyo

There’s a family away from family
There’s a home away from home
There’s love which must be told
And there’s hope for all humanity

Now the golden sun rises solemnly
Bringing Gods warmth and favor
And it sifts through the window sills
Greeting all, welcoming us to a new dawn
And reminding us of Gods love
Which never fails or fades

Abundant life stays with us all
And always, as the sun rises
Will your glory everlasting

Happy birthday Ediong.


Taming the Wild: Masai

Somewhere in Africa

Strong winds swept all to asunder
But the Masai march against it
With spears black with greasy hands
And faces painted like Halloweens ghosts
Pushing the tall shrubs down
Frighting lions off the forest paths
With bare hands they dare the buffaloes
And call to the Boar for duels
What manner of men, strange
The queer hue of pride and courage
Meshed in muscles and will
With strength for running the heights
Each man being a useful tool
Courage for the head to stay on its place
Throwing oneself to Fates’ mercy
The hope of a strong future
To be painted in the glory be told
And the unity of being one strong weapon
Driving against the wind up the hills
With their noses straightened to meet the air
They conquer all, man and beast


One Whole Art

Standing alone in the mist
Where no man sees
The endless stream of wit
But when love comes
When the sun rises or sets
Down. Down the foot of hills
And the hawks hang on masts
Scouting the land for a final kill
The wind wearily sifts about
Men, their creaky windows seal
The darkness come upon the tents
The lightning and his angry nephew
The horn of the African Elephant
Wandering the grasslands
A stroll through the forests
On a pathway leading to the pond
Those strange nights
Of love and desire
The quiet huts
Swooshing trees
A wailing infant
Somewhere in the town
Wanting her mothers breast
The growing darkness
The village square in the hamlet
Filled with men in lust for ale
And the masquerades that run about
To beat people who stand on their way
The joys that the evening breeze brought
With the concoctions that brews a beer
The acrid smell of cigarettes
From the old man under the baobab
The world in words becomes an art
Painting plainly the very soul existence

And it came thus:
“The song may have stopped
But beats continues to play”



I desire friendship that rises in the morning
And stays till the sun set in the evening
A desire to stay even when no one was around
To make pats, plays, smiles and joy abound
The sweetness of your companionship
Which grows past all known friendship
Makes you my family
Who loves genuinely

The clement wind keeps aware of this
She is happy that we are friends
And what’s greater than
Love, care and smiles
Which your company brings?
Even though the company parts
After a days adventure
On the times of quietness
I grow fond of your presence
Praying silently, in my solitude
That the green grass stays
And the blue clouds wait
For such moments we stay together
Moments of sharing, joy and care
What is better than genuine friendship?

For Chika Nwanosike and Ndongesit Okon.