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Akwa Ibom

There is a land full of life
Bubbling with greens and love

Swooshing trees thro the forests
To the foaming sea with its broth

A land filled with hills and valleys
With streams and the streams

There are blue clouds
And the birds surf the wind

Uyo cares, loves and welcomes
She is beautiful like Jerusalem

In the coldest and darkest of nights
A stream of neon lamps comes to sight

The ancient city of Ikot Ekpene
Standing on green fields, serene

The stars glitter quietly
The home of tranquility

There are smiling faces
Home with the days wage

And those nights of May
The love we see, we say

The nights are cold most times
The sea comes to woo her bride

They call here with Gods name
Akwa Abasi Ibom!

And at the end of each long day
The Sun travels on her way


This piece I dedicate to all my friends from Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria on the celebration of the 28th year of their states existence. Happy birthday Akwa Ibom state.

Abasi in the local dialect means God



Fresh succulent balls fallen from the mother tree
Green, Yellow, Orange and so deliciously sweet!
The tree swerves with the romance of the Wind
Minding the branches carrying the tangerines
Enjoying the wooing breeze and the calling Air
And happily dancing in the midst of these fellows
The busy ants build their mansion across the root
Minding not to block the roots step
The buzzing bees hover up the tree top
Exploring the wonders that bring this scent
Mens eyelids fall in love when tangerines stay about
And many who pass by, do queerly ask
What is better than the smell of tangerines?

For Idongesit Ukpong Samuel


Haiku: Love

In this heart
Love exists a lot
But who I love
I know not



The world spins about joyfully
The waters fall from rocks gleefully
Summer brightens up for you
The morning sun rise happily
And up the dark skies comes a light
Bounding down like a chariot
But for all an angel stays watching

The stars glitter, the wind surge
When angels thread the path of men
Thus bringing men the love of God
And an angel sent to me
A blessing come from God our maker


Boundless Freedom

The freedom we all seek
From the views of the rising sun
To the suns slumber in the evening
Horizon to horizon
Oceans of blue, boundless
Much further you can sail
And the skies up the firmaments
Without boundaries ever known
The strength of the ice thicked
Upon the bare soil
The waterfalls on rocks, hedged
Upon green brushes and forests
The dreams men wandering, seek
The brave, the humble and the meek
The fears of men, the unknown
Grown from the darkest corners
Of pain, distrust and inhumanity

One day we we would be
Boundlessly free
With the clouds always blue
And the sun rising and waking


Green Fields

Green fields abound on Earth
The skies are dark blue
When the clouds are full with rain
The smiles on your face are red
When loved ones come around
The sun is a yellow ball
Shining and lighting the world
The King prides in purple
He is the sovereign of the land

Green is food, green is life
Green is the citadel of hope
For all cute crickets and worms
Green feeds the Earth,
She thrives on our love
But Green is harmless
It lets everyone have a taste of her
She hides on rocky terrains
She falls from the waterfalls
She paints the gruesome world
With her hue and beautiful shed
Green is in you, because Life is green

And here we are staring at the world
With patches of life, here and there
From a grassland filled with grazing cattle
Savoring the taste of green!


Musing: Morning Rain

There’s a spark outside
Like a strange thunderclap
Hailing his younger cousin
Waking the town from her slumber
Pushing fear into the hearts of many
But for those who know the trick

Now it rains with might
The whole town goes damp
Drawing long straight lines
Which no man can draw better
The crystal rain drops are tiny
But their hits are more like bricks!

On the evening, during moonlight
Some men gather to revamp
Under the Baobab sheltering the inns
The men talk about the rains asunder
Though most feared on the disturbed clemency
On the waving neighboring trees, the Gmelina and Teak


The tale of a Descendant

Some very cold nights I stay awake
Lights come flashing back to me
Such nights as cruel and heartless
Growing my mind from a needles eye
And the reason per say, trailing
The times gone in a sudden twinkle
And lives back again in another second
Like I traveled many miles back

Now I remember being the descendant
Of a thunder making rainmaker
Who when angry commands the winds
And lets the hamlet and farmlands flood

I was that hairy boy from the past
A son hewn out of my fathers sinews
During the days of the raid
When men sold men to slavery

I become the grandson of a great farmer
Who stalks yams and cocoyams in rows
Feeding the clan and the village
Bearing this rare title known to few

I had been a hunters son
Carrying the bags of my father
Marching across the forests and hills
Grinning and stalking a wounded antelope

I remember my grandfathers gun
The day I asked about him
And it was told, tales about him
The fall of North Africa
The fights, his courage
The dark days of the World War
The tank traps, the canons

I shudder, I ponder
And I realise how much I evolved…


Can you see God?

On the morning sun rising solemnly
Behind my cotton curtain
And thru my eyes, tired and weary
He smiles through the clouds
Blessing the fields with corn In the waterfalls that give lively sounds
He rides the thunder storm
He lets the rain feed the livestock
The grains, the chicken and the worms
With dew He waters my plants
When He, my seeds allows to sprout Giving answers to my wants
I see Him in the free air
In the quiet morning
He sifts in and touches my hair
I see Him push water to the shores
Letting the oceans Whales horn Surfing the tides and the storms
I see my God in all I do
He teaches, He blesses and leads me
Do you see Him too?