Who had seen Zeus and his might

Who had seen Zeus and his might?

Who had heard the uproar up the hills?

Who had seen the long strides of the king?

He races with the thunder

He rides the great South winds

And surfs the volcanoes lava

He swam the oceans in a second

He moves the wheels that holds the map

He roars with mighty thunderclaps

The horses follow his lead

Through the thick woodlands

The doves sings of his strength

As he pulls the nights veil away

He wields the lightning and the thunder

His enemies he tears asunder!

The Cold that blows in the day

The heat of the Golden Sun

All he puts firmly away

Making the days of men long

Thus the cornfields ripen very fast

And the birds watch admiringly up the mast

Even to all men he gave freely

Watching the talents bestowed on they

He treats the just and compassionate mildly

The Apples he gives to children by May

The Shellfish circle down the depths

And the Eagles supervise her nest

Have you seen this great god-king

Who keeps no brother, sister or twin?