A Word of Encouragement…

In the Book of Genesis, it was accounted that God who has all Supremacy, Creativity, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding made men in His image, then by default we are mini versions of Him. This means that we have all the tools and know-how to do something spectacular. The Lord matched His words with actions. So we shouldnt just dream, we should do something to achieve or work towards the dream, no matter how insignificant the effort may seem. If my father is a Creator then I should be a creator of something or yet a mechanic fixing the events and mechanisms gone bad, no matter how small it comes to me. So what are we waiting for, let”s use our brains. Confront your problems, do not run from them. If you run, they would always come back, but if you solve them then that would be once and for all! Those little ideas you got and think them unnecessary and might not fit in in these modern times might be the saving tool, idea, event, plan, machine, invention the world had been waiting fOr. Dont settle for mediocrity, start now. Not having proper education is not enough reason, not speaking good English, French or Arabic not a fine reason too, not tall, short, dark, yellow, Christian, Muslim, Igbo or Hebrew is not enough reason. Be a thinker, dream like Joseph and the world would come bow at your feet! Do something please, the world waits patiently for you.

Okechukwu Iroegbu