Cold Nights of August

The clouds are dark blue
The skies painted with many hue
The wind sifts about the way
Pushing the turbans away
The heights of the mountains
Lay quiet, near the Lions den

The clouds hung motionless
Awaiting the Judges case
A hopeful evening
Turned to one, windy

And here the storm just began
Making all cold, the child, the man
And every one who lived in the clan


The Days Dream

Now we sit around grinning
The day has fast gone by
We had spent the sweat
The Sun has taken her toil
But now we are here
Glancing at the moonlight
Wishing good dreams to the skies
Watching the stars glitter
From firmaments far away
But then, the hope of the day
The hope and courage for another day
We seek to muster this night


Who had seen Zeus and his might

Who had seen Zeus and his might?

Who had heard the uproar up the hills?

Who had seen the long strides of the king?

He races with the thunder

He rides the great South winds

And surfs the volcanoes lava

He swam the oceans in a second

He moves the wheels that holds the map

He roars with mighty thunderclaps

The horses follow his lead

Through the thick woodlands

The doves sings of his strength

As he pulls the nights veil away

He wields the lightning and the thunder

His enemies he tears asunder!

The Cold that blows in the day

The heat of the Golden Sun

All he puts firmly away

Making the days of men long

Thus the cornfields ripen very fast

And the birds watch admiringly up the mast

Even to all men he gave freely

Watching the talents bestowed on they

He treats the just and compassionate mildly

The Apples he gives to children by May

The Shellfish circle down the depths

And the Eagles supervise her nest

Have you seen this great god-king

Who keeps no brother, sister or twin?


A tale of a Bard, at first

There was a land far, far away
Told to have been located by the bay
The day wake with good tidings and bird twittering
The wings of the Falcon flap above the hidden squirrels
The skies clear with print of dark blue
One of grace and light bright hue
The trees tall as the mountain tops
With leaves, succulent and fresh
The airs are full of misty perfumes
With elves hovering in the quietness
And hogs munching away at the young trees
The fairies guide the Crystal stones
The ancient gems so strongly kept

A young deer marched about
Confused on the smell calmly simmering about the air
The Southern wind full of elements
Made to keep the woodlands, villain and the fair…

to be continued



When feeble men falter during the day
Sprawling about the long quiet way
Heaven sends down her wetness
Upon the earths dry crust
Adorning the many vegetations
And blessing mens lives and opinions

Writing this piece just few hours to my birthday.


A Word of Encouragement…

In the Book of Genesis, it was accounted that God who has all Supremacy, Creativity, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding made men in His image, then by default we are mini versions of Him. This means that we have all the tools and know-how to do something spectacular. The Lord matched His words with actions. So we shouldnt just dream, we should do something to achieve or work towards the dream, no matter how insignificant the effort may seem. If my father is a Creator then I should be a creator of something or yet a mechanic fixing the events and mechanisms gone bad, no matter how small it comes to me. So what are we waiting for, let”s use our brains. Confront your problems, do not run from them. If you run, they would always come back, but if you solve them then that would be once and for all! Those little ideas you got and think them unnecessary and might not fit in in these modern times might be the saving tool, idea, event, plan, machine, invention the world had been waiting fOr. Dont settle for mediocrity, start now. Not having proper education is not enough reason, not speaking good English, French or Arabic not a fine reason too, not tall, short, dark, yellow, Christian, Muslim, Igbo or Hebrew is not enough reason. Be a thinker, dream like Joseph and the world would come bow at your feet! Do something please, the world waits patiently for you.

Okechukwu Iroegbu


A Poets Tale

Have you seen the sun set over the dark clouds
Behind the lonely traveller marching up the hilly mounds?
The evening sets in, covering all the light living on Earth
It was about time for, moon-lit tales and screeching crickets

The wind surge, we are left to feel it
The birds fly away, as the sun set
The clouds are dark, beckoning to a storm
And the people haste about bringing all the drums

The hopes live on, the days gone past,
I sit musing, letting reason come over wit
Like Ali Baba calling out to his forty men
The love I have for you I feel deep within



August says hi to you all
It says keep your ears close
Closer to his warm chest
And you shall know
How happy he is to meet you!

Have a swell Month and August 8th is my birth day!