The Bee

There was a little bee
It always wore black and yellow
And was always happy
The bee love the row,

And the heat of the sun
The red petals of the Rose
The bobcats and the moon
And the dark haired moose

The bee would always smile
She was blessed, she had honey
She was lovely and mild
And all about her, she was funny


A Psalm, again.

For the consciousness come thither to my weary
The light shining upon the shades of my life
The hope and love burning above all, in my heart
I say Thanks Lord!


The Kiss

The touch of your warmth
Standing besides your whole length

The wealth I desire dwells in you
You become the antidote to my cold

The reason I stay all nights, awake
I have become a poetic witch
You’re the reason I could burn at the stake
The people mustn’t know am an elf

And let this kiss be a poem
And not the enduring pain


Haiku: Frail bones

And each night I come to this bed
To lay my weak and frail bones
Your thoughts flood my stray mind
With strength come from Heavens atone


A Strange Night

The cool night turned a storm
The grey linings of the clouds
Wore out with the passing firmaments
The trees swirled in a wild dance
The fallen leaves lept up in joy
The imminent wind has come to play
To the tune of Natures fury
The wind, the rain and the lightning
The previous night it was calm
The hamlet was relaxed, alive
The winds wooed all, but was friendly
The men drank their dark ale
Slapping their thighs in laughter
As the village clown pops in to smile
The women sat in the small huts
Discussing, waiting for the men to come
To the warmth of the firelight
The children all huddled together
Telling tales of the days toil
It was just a moment of rest
And beautiful tranquility…
As the hamlet lay in the midst
Of heavy vegetation of trees and shrubs
The next night became strange
The wind had come with a new face
A fiery one, and he had come
With his friends, the rain and the lightning


A muse: Stormy Night

After the long day
The storm has its way
But come what may
we lived to say


You, my Inspiration

I shall look upon Thee
In the face of the rising sun
And on the evenings airy breeze

Your beauty inspires me
I sit staring into the air
I see you walk to me
Entangling me in your embrace
Doing this little laugh
I always grew fond of

My joy knows no limit
The fragrance of your Love
Smears my soft heart
And in the nights I drove
To come see you
And to your smiles anew

Though the day took its toil
On my weary face and body
Your warmth suits me to the soul
I lay wondering how it be, how lucky
The evenings we shall watch the Sun take its fare
And the nights I shall pull your hair


A Muse: The Corn and The Beetle

One day a black beetle
Sat amused at the sight
Of her neighbour from her tree shed
“Oh how awful you look”
She would say, grinning
“You werent like this
Some few months ago!”
“How do I look?”
The Corn asked blushing
“You look stalky, long and hairy
I dont like hairy guys!”
“Well we dont make
Ourselves do we fair lady?”
The Hairy Corn asked
She had decided to ignore him

But when the harvest had come
And the men move about picking
The Corn heads on the fields
And the tree was cut to let
The tractors move in
The little beetle saw how much
She had missed the hairy Corn


The House on the Road

There was a strange house near the highway
Made of sun-burned bricks and hay
Covered in soot and all about grey
It stood like a scarecrow
Overlooking the nights cold grip
The door rims are low
The reeds grow like the whip
The neighbors shrug all the time
With an apparition of a tongue tasting some lime
None dare say anything near the house
For the myth was the house could be aroused!
Then came one day a stranger
Untidy, wield, scorched under the sun
Walking wearily, like a lost wanderer
Seeking for some cold water and warmth
The grim reeds stuck to his feet
His face was red with disgrace
And at the house door he sat
Staring at unfriendly staring faces
Thinking he was mocked
He staggered up, made a face
And made straight into the stead
With all dropped jaws and braces
And in the house strange noises came
Rattling, hissing and few groans
The passersby watched on, all the time
Waiting for a monster to emerge with an evil grin
None knew, it was already late
For many who dared stay back
Felt the hands of relatives bidding them to wake
And all prayed the stranger came out without a mark
But then, a face popped out from the window
With a huge grin on the face, he wobbled
“Guess what I found in here fellows
A house full of abandon, rats and liquor!”

the house on the road


Dreams from the Front

Oke Iroegbu's Diary of Hope & Nostalgia (African Poems, Tales and Proverbs)

The joy I left here with has gone
It has grown wings and I knew not
The direction of its flight
Am terrified, I have no stories to tell anymore

Each time a memory of holding your hands
Comes to me, drops of tears roll down
I can’t look into your face now
You would know how much I desire to see you

Oh lest I forgot this time, please
Give my little ones these kisses
Tell them that all will be well
That God willing I shall return to them

I missed it and all of you
We are fed to the soil all day
Toiling for blood, for vanity
I wasn’t sure I would do this again

A day without a bloody sight
Then that would be some restful day
We claim brave, we drink rum
Sincerely I feel like running away

But then if by next season

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Haiku: The Bridge

What is more beautiful than to build bridges
To bring two different worlds together
To bring in two nations to one embrace
To bring land over a wide spread of water?


A tale of Poetry

When poetry came upon the Earth
There was but a very little
A clan full of self-hate
The lengths of the Earth grew brittle

And many foundations could”nt hold
The forests were full of heart wrenching thorns
The deserts with man hungry cactus, so bold
That the dreams of men lay forlorn

The Whistling pines stood ahead quiet
The nights are cold left with no music
The Owls sit with dreary eyes and wings so light
The sounds of the Earth are poisonous and toxic

Then poetry came crashing down to the Earth
Rolling past an Ice man who stood wondering
Crashing into the little Fir forests and came forth
It bloomed about, as sweet tunes kept coming

The twilights bring forth the joys of many
The memories of the floras and faunas, bees and nectar
The Owls, hedgehogs, the Pines and the pony
The water falls and the blue clouds wonder

Now poetry dwells with men
It becomes Gods gift to us all


Muse: This Night

One look of things here, now
The world would seem so absurd
The love I hid in my heart years back
Comes to play on my wild fancies

This is not my normal poetry per se, I wouldnt classify it as thus. i have had a clash somewhat with someone I really find fascinating and I have been able to learn.


A farmers smile

The days work is done
The farmer return with smiles
The mother hold the little one
And welcome him who labor
The infant grips the fathers arm
Afraid not to let go
A lullaby from this voice he waits for

“All is well”
A tale of farmlore
The strength of the farmer
Gone beyond the hills
With might and courage
To the great virgin forests
And when the setting sun
Come sinking to her slumber
The farmers hat appears far off
Waving to the onlookers
As he march home with smiles
Love, hope and food


Haiku: God Everywhere

On the day that breaks forth
On the blue clouds up the skies
On the surprised stare of an infant
There is God everywhere


The Winds Tale: A call of the Hills

The call of the hills…
On a night dark as pitch

We stay listening to the swooshing trees

And the strange call up the hills…

A tornado of wind come surfing down

Pushing the brushes and woods apart

Sending both man, child and pets scrambling

Tall and strong wild palms bend double

Threatening to crush who dare stare

The dark clouds growl like a young lion

Shaking the breadths of the firmaments

The firmaments rumblings shook everyone

Wide eyed infants, the whistling pine and the Owl

The dogs bark and hide behind their kennels

Tethered farm animals shriek with fear

The cold came, and with such a surge!

It wooed the candle light

Which danced with such excitement

But the Rain never came

The Rain was locked out

Today was not his own day

A night as such as this

A windy tale to be told
An inspiration hewn down the hill
From up the dark firmaments of the night

From the hills of an African hamlet…



It becomes heavily cloudy
The Lord lets it rain
On the bosom of the rich and poor
The suns ray beat us all this while
Scorching she is, but our vegetables grow
In the heat of sleepless nights
The Nights calm airs come upon us
They give the warmth we desire
Sometimes the cripple on the road
Waves to the passing crowd, crying
“Please feed me sire, feed me ma-am”
Faces reddened on the Suns ire
The drops of tears and sweat, costless
The child barefooted, left alone,
Lost to the race ran by the world
Desiring a little comfort someday
Caught up in pain; raped, maimed
The old woman without her sight
Sitting under a huge baobab
Waiting for direction or hope?
Leaving her fate to the worlds vanity
The tears of infants brought to this world
Without a glimpse of what it shall be
To live on this world full of abandon
The end of love here proven always
Oh blessed Father Abraham!

Sometimes angels thread our pathways
And we do not know of it


Haiku: Golden Corn

The season has come
The mild sun has gone
The day is mild across the fields
The Corn is beheld


Musing: The Love I have

I found love in the air I breath
Love in the waving trees
Love in life, wild and close
Love in a friendly dogs stare
In the dark blue skies
I found love in your eyes
I found love loving
Love in giving
And love in being with Nature

Now I found love today! Guess what I had a swell time with Turbo, a little neighbors dog and a goat tethered by a tree side. I never met these two guys before, but I played all the time with them. I fed the goat with ripe guava fruits and Turbo was up, yanking his tail from side to side waiting to taste the fruit- he did lick it! Turbo would lay on the floor raise legs up and allow me scratch his fluffy hairs, I almost cried for this little impact. I wish these animals could read poetry! The other emotional time was when I was about to move out, Turbo followed and led the way, I had to plead for this little fellow to return home. I guess it”s time I spend more time with more of these creatures. It was just a beautiful experience.


Wonder says I


If men were to create themselves
Then mirrors shall become gladiatory arenas
And the Earth, an epitome of cruelty

If ants could build skyscrapers
Though centuries it must take
Yet it would portray Natures wisdom

If crocodiles were to be executioners
In moments crooks become stories
But for criminals there would be none

If love and peace would reign on Earth
And together we conquer the deserts
What a place that shall be!

If poetry could make you smile
And when you read you find peace
And hope that someday all will be good

If love is all we seek
Then we must look to God Almighty
Him who made the world and the Universe

If I finally fall in love
I wouldnt always know what to do
I would just stare and smile all the time

Written in 2008 with some editing done before publishing. The reader can see how my voice has changed since then. I didnt even know if the Title was proper, but let”s do some justice to an old poem.


Three Poems

The Sunflower rests on the bark of the tree
Blushing on the fate of the lover bee
The strange buzzing love rant
As she wonders what he really wants

The fog lay blinding the way
The cloud, blue with lovely apparitions
Letting her bridegroom show the way
As the winds sang the adoration

The fragrance of your undying love
The sweet perfume on bossom
I sit, I admire you from the fireside
And I know how lucky I am to have you


Lullaby: The Rain on the Roof

The nights cloud is ripe
Full of Heavens dew to give
Rain drops on our faces to wipe
And to our beds warmth we cleave