Muse: Out in the Sunshine

Once out in the sunshine
We happen to see wonderful things
Things strange and old
Things new and rare

We feel the warmth
The scorch of the Sun
And the Heavens shower
On our light and fair skin

Dawn approaches and I will miss you
Your warmth, the heat and your embrace
Though the high skies had gone home
I shall wait to see your face again


The meaning of: a Diamond

Dreams are plans come true in the mind
… Set to manifest in the future
… Bond by strings of faith
Perseverance, courage and Determination

Then comes a taste from within
… Boiling up a bowlful of Ideas
… A spirit for clear values
A culture of modern Innovations

Inspirations are high and higher
… Sweeping through the souls depth
… Pushing the sweet cloaked records
And ending in good Aspirations

Come a day and days
… When ones intellect ability sours
… Rolling past a sunny and cloudy way
Bulging out a complete sense of Mentorship

And there in lifetimes struggle
… A glint of hope sprouts up
… As realities bump about
Paving a way for an Opportunity

A bold stare into the future
… Reveals all happy moments
… Of unrivalled progress and power
And a grip on keeping such Nurtured

Just like on your celebration date
… When rocketeers ply the sky route
… We can look at the smiling stars together
We lived to our dreams and Destiny

Now that is a Diamond.