The Clan and The Day

So the sun rise quietly
Behind the hill in the hamlet
A smile spreads across the clan
Children, pets: dogs and cats
Boys with catapults and traps
Girls with baskets for water
Men gather, ready for a hunt
And the women make soup
So the day wakes the clan
And the clan makes the day

Nature Series

Who I Love

Oh I am in love
Your grapes gave me wine
Your love gave me life
It is at your table I dine

I stand at the foot of a hill
Watching the setting sun
Near the busy oil palm mill
I see women, their quarry burn

The road to the stream
Are littered with fallen leaves
A young fish pleasantly swim
In rehearsed circles it weaves

A group of rocks stand before me
Sweet how the nearby flowers smell
To see the long hidden treasuries
Of all luxurious flora, the Rose, Honeywell

Have you seen the sun rise
From a grassland near a cliff?
Do you think Nature is wise?
Can you then tell me who I love?


Haiku, from The Descendants of The Rainmakers

Say Hoolarliboe
And with words
We could make
Somethings beautiful


Musing: Cold Mornings

Cold morning
Monster weather
Heaven filters in
Her dew and airy lather
We stare, we shake
The cold kept us awake