Muse: Out in the Sunshine

Once out in the sunshine
We happen to see wonderful things
Things strange and old
Things new and rare

We feel the warmth
The scorch of the Sun
And the Heavens shower
On our light and fair skin

Dawn approaches and I will miss you
Your warmth, the heat and your embrace
Though the high skies had gone home
I shall wait to see your face again


The meaning of: a Diamond

Dreams are plans come true in the mind
… Set to manifest in the future
… Bond by strings of faith
Perseverance, courage and Determination

Then comes a taste from within
… Boiling up a bowlful of Ideas
… A spirit for clear values
A culture of modern Innovations

Inspirations are high and higher
… Sweeping through the souls depth
… Pushing the sweet cloaked records
And ending in good Aspirations

Come a day and days
… When ones intellect ability sours
… Rolling past a sunny and cloudy way
Bulging out a complete sense of Mentorship

And there in lifetimes struggle
… A glint of hope sprouts up
… As realities bump about
Paving a way for an Opportunity

A bold stare into the future
… Reveals all happy moments
… Of unrivalled progress and power
And a grip on keeping such Nurtured

Just like on your celebration date
… When rocketeers ply the sky route
… We can look at the smiling stars together
We lived to our dreams and Destiny

Now that is a Diamond.


Haiku: Love

When there was love
I saw the white clouds
Clear like the sweet spring
Leaping in joyful haste


A Lovers Delight

Thoughts of you stay in me
The plays in my heart
The love I see in your eyes

The mornings are beautiful
We wake beside each other
The Golden sun shines on the curtains

And all shall be well


The Legend of the Cretian Minotaur

The King of Athens killed the son of Minos, King of Crete. In revenge, Minos conquered Athens and forced its King to send him seven youth and seven maidens every year as a tribute. These victims were then sent into a huge maze, or labyrinth on an island where they were devoured by a monster, half bull and half human, known as the Minotaur. A year came, and Theseus, son of the Athenian King bravely offered to form part of the doomed company. When he arrived in Crete, the daughter of Minos fell in love with him and gave him a sword and a piece of thread before he entered the maze. With the sword Theseus killed the Minotaur and with the thread he found his way back. The company was saved and the brave prince set sail to Greece.
Now Theseus had told his father, whose name was Aegeus that if he killed the Minotaur and found his way back he would hoist white sails as he came into port. But Theseus was so eager to arrive home that he forgot to do so. When Aegeus saw the black sails of the returning ships he thought his son was dead. In his grief the old King threw himself into the sea, which has ever since been called the Aegean Sea in memory of him.


The Summers Tale

When summers come around
The flowers bloom, red, pink
The clouds are proud with mild sun
Joy gives hope, the bridges a link
The green fields grow
We see the farmers sow

The summer leaves, taking the hue
Blowing all a hearty kiss
As her cold monstrous nephew
Comes taking the once a bliss
The nights turn cruel
As we eat from a bowl

The white clouds wear a scorn
The trees still lay a friend
As the Earths whiteness is done
And hearts are torn and broken
The moon stays all night
But the morrow it was a blight

The hills covered with snow
The cold eats the flesh
Man and beast lay low
And strange concoctions meshed
A bird flies over the blue cloud
And a smile grows; proud

The Earth gets colder
Lost on her way home
She stays a stranger
Fearing all mans shouts and booms
Praying that a bird flew up the heights
To live solemnly up, up the skies


The Clan and The Day

So the sun rise quietly
Behind the hill in the hamlet
A smile spreads across the clan
Children, pets: dogs and cats
Boys with catapults and traps
Girls with baskets for water
Men gather, ready for a hunt
And the women make soup
So the day wakes the clan
And the clan makes the day

Nature Series

Who I Love

Oh I am in love
Your grapes gave me wine
Your love gave me life
It is at your table I dine

I stand at the foot of a hill
Watching the setting sun
Near the busy oil palm mill
I see women, their quarry burn

The road to the stream
Are littered with fallen leaves
A young fish pleasantly swim
In rehearsed circles it weaves

A group of rocks stand before me
Sweet how the nearby flowers smell
To see the long hidden treasuries
Of all luxurious flora, the Rose, Honeywell

Have you seen the sun rise
From a grassland near a cliff?
Do you think Nature is wise?
Can you then tell me who I love?


Haiku, from The Descendants of The Rainmakers

Say Hoolarliboe
And with words
We could make
Somethings beautiful


Musing: Cold Mornings

Cold morning
Monster weather
Heaven filters in
Her dew and airy lather
We stare, we shake
The cold kept us awake


Lost Love

Love flowed in this heart
Pure as in the waters
That flow on smooth rocks
And of a baby”s tears
Growing her first tooth
We watched it sprout
This is a lovely one, we thought
But then the suns scorch
Came to it, with fiery passion
The heat was on, unbearable
The love melted off, we cried
But then it went, gradually
Never to come back to us

I belong not to this enclave
Called the world


The Descendant, a rains incantation

The rain falls softly
It falls light on me
And it minds not why
Amazed of such
One of uncertainty
Of the rain drops falling
On I who was a bloodline

Break the kola
Wave the palm frond
Call the wind, and …
And listen carefully
For the mother of the rain

Muster some courage
Stand with the dark clouds
The Storm comes
But the Storm must falter!

Now the rain falls on me
Soaking the dusts below
Clogging my footwear
On a carefree evening

The first breath I take
On such a day
Is one of freedom!



Now I will be your cook tonight
Tell me what you desire most
Anything, rice, pies or Turkish delight?

Now I will be a carpenter, why not?
To mend the boards and all things
Do good, get me my hammer and mallet

Now I will be a stone, nay a rock
You can call me the rock if you dont mind
And the heads of foes we would break

Now I desire to say a lullaby
Ba ba bo, ba ba bo, ba ba bo bo bo
Oh the rhymes I seem to forget dear lady…

Now a funny tale is told, thank God!
A tale teller I do dream to become
Tho I, a wild, fun, food-loving dude


The Old Man and The Bulb

I met an old man
Walking down the lane
Passing thru the barn
With a face, bold and stern
He dropped his stick
And I watched him stoop
His body rattled, weak
And down the steps, I took a hop
“Hello sire, lemme help you”
He looked up, a bright smile
“Oh, goodness, my son, bless you
i had been on the road for miles!”
The evening was cold
A storm was on its way
“Please do come inside
And I shall bake you some cake”
The face brightened the more
And thru the steps I led him
Taking our time as we head to the door
The sun sets, the clouds dim
And then the winds blew
Snow balls fall in drunk circles
And the road was full of white hue
I set the little brown kettle
And soon it was whistling
“Sire, you can stay the night”
I saw the hope in his eyes, dwindling
“Thanks for your hospitality”
He smiled again with some pain
The bulb up the ceiling kept shining
And I see glares of the old man
Take a side look, once and again
After tea and very hot shower
He lay on the bed, with his eyes on the ceiler
I sensed the unease, and made for the bed
“Sire, is anything the matter?”
He grunted and calmly shook his head
“Nah son, but I kept watching
This little light shining up there
I prefer to sleep on something
Afar off this little Sun up there!
I dont know what holds that”
He pointed to the bulb, carefully
Trying to let me see
Why the bed should be moved
Fearing should the hand
Holding the bulb decides to let go
What might become of him


Musing: The Sugar Ant

I wonder how you sniff out my sugar
The trails to my little cupboard stands
The taste beckons to you,

And when I return from my issues, weary
I see you and your brethren
Mocking my ever precious sugar!


Haiku: To A Heart That Beats My Rhythm

Now I dont know why
Why I am so fond of you
How my nights go by
And all I do, I think of you


Under the Mango Tree, a childhood Tale

When nights come
We run around
We play about
We sing to the Moon
And she blushes all the while

When the nights come
The crickets call out
From hidden “shriekadels”
A fortress of hope
Portraying the beauty of the night

When nights come
We see the bats fly
In haste to somewhere
We watch in awe
As they fly away

When nights come
It brings joy
And much laughter
And what a relieve
It is from the hot sun?


Flowers for you

Flowers are natures gifts
They bloom, they are fine
And bees find nectar on them
The airs delight on their fragrance
Flowers reminds me of you
A tender but strong woman
One of Natures goddesses
One of Natures sweet flowers
One of Natures gifts to man



for Uwakmfon Ebong

The breadth of the Earth lay wet
But the Sun rises from the East
From vague sights and the mist

The dark jungles, cool and serene
But the Lions stride through the green
Fearing neither man or faun

A shriek of strength is heard up the skies
The Eagle soars high up, many many miles
Hopes are high, seething thru the times

The wind surfs the wild oceans
The Whales trumpet blows far beyond
And all tremble, sea-dwellers and stray crustaceans

Now if the Skies were conquered by a hopeful bird
And to the jungles a strong King is crowned
And to the waters, courage abound

Then this piece made for you
Brings to you a joint of these brothers: strength, hope and courage