Happie Birthdae text to a brother and mentor- Mr John O. Iroegbu

Now take a very long deep breath
Cos something new is about to unfold
The pressure is about to start, you feel it
But you gat it all takes, believe it
The stars stand still this Mayful night
Expectations are high, the rains soft
Listen to your heart playing guitar strings
This is your moment, your day
And the Trinity bear witness
Today your Heaven sent blessings
Let Heaven make you a better person
And we all sitting about you, a greater clan!

Happy birthday honorable sire
May Gods blessings adorn you always

And a fine gift of May stays waiting
Find it when you visit home!


Another Tree Tale, before now

Now you are standing like a King
Like a Hermit crab with her pincers
Waving strange curvy branches above my head
Just in a slight, your leaves pat my hair
The hot sun searches for who to scorch
But under you all little fauna find solace
A citadel of cool breezes and life!

Now I recall this little sickly seed
Blown about in the light air
And frail, cast out to the open
And this seed became a tree
A king of the open air
A fortitude for the ants and bees
Dwelling up and down the branches
A solace for the birds
Singing heartily with all joy
A colony of mushrooms growing on the roots
Loving the trees hospitality and care
And for we hopeful humans
Taking warmth under the trees shed

#Savethetrees #treesarelife #greenerworld #alltreesaregoodguys #treesalltheway


a Happy birthday piece For Mr Iniobong EKPo

Happy Birthday
For Mr Iniobong Ekpo
On his birthday today

Now the sun is set
We sit back
To gather the thoughts
Of loved ones and friends
Joy, messages, greetings
Everywhere. hopes are high
Let the joy be known to you
Let also Gods grace come more
Today and always
Birthdays are rare
They come once in a year

Happy birthday sire

And I hope to see some cake!


Home coming: freestyle

The strange rains fall
Leaves fall in circles
With a back on the wall
I watch the Wrestlers debacle

Now the quietness falls on me
Solemn, it seems today
Chatting, what a boring day it be
For my home beckons far away


Haiku: Silver Curse

As it all came with the Word
A message, all bles-sed
Judas betrayed the Lord
And silver was cur-sed


Breaking the Igbo Kola Nut

God our tryst maker
Our lover and He who knows all
Chineke m, ke bi nigwe!
Maker of the Universe
He whom fetches water with a basket
To disgrace the bucket
He who whips us with one hand
And consoles us with the other
He who stills a raging sea
He who made the Kola nut
The King of all foods!
We come to You, our maker
We break the Kola nut
Before You, maker of the Kola
The food that never fills the stomach
But it is the King of all food!
We have the Cassava and the Yam
But the Kola is the King of all food
It is not eaten with Palm oil
It is not pounded on mortar
Nor stewed in a dish of porridge
It is not meshed in meat or fish
It stands alone, all alone
Like the Iroko in the forest!
It is not food for children
But this food is for men!
Our farms shall be fruitful
Our children more fruitful
Our streams shall have fish
And our forests shall have vegetables
The heat of the sun won’t scorch us to death
The pain of pregnant women
Shall become a joy in the morning
The clouds shall water our gardens
We shall eat of our sweat
Make us contented with what we have
You have given us the yam
You have also given us the knife to cut it

Learn the Igbo language here.

Let the moon shine when she must
Let the Sunshine when she must
Let the wind bring us good tidings
And let us see many smiles
On the faces of all in the hamlet
Let the Eagle perch
Let also the Kite perch
Any that forbids the other from perching
Let his wings break!
If one seeks downfall for us
Let such befall those people
Let not our enemies hostile light burn us
We shall have our children as the Hebrew women
Our children shall have their own
And our children’s children
We break the Kola!
Iri di nwata na okenye nma!

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I wrote this poem some time ago. I had found it necessary to revise and edit some lines of the piece, seeing that tradition is something dynamic. I seek to share a bit of my African culture. The Igbo is a South Eastern Nigerian tribe, an enterprising nation situated on the Niger Delta of Nigeria. As a growing kid some
decades ago, I have witnessed Igbo Kola breaking
traditions- a series of cultural rituals performed more like prayers. It’s typically used to welcome visitors, especially at festivities.

Line 3: Chineke m, ke bi nigwe: Igbo language for My God who lives in Heaven.
Line 55: iri di nwata na okenye nma! Igbo for food good for both the young and elderly
Study Questions.
1. What are the figures of speech present in the poem?
2. Discuss the imagery.
3. Would you classify this as a traditional poem? Why?

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the Farmer

What beautiful things a farmer can be
The late night he dreams of his cattle
The other days dream was for the pigs
And always the sweet music of the farm
Comes to him as an embrace

What beautiful things a shepherd can do
At the call of the Rooster, early morning
He, off his bed jumps scantily cladded
Rushing towards the browned farmstead
To his bleating sheep and chicken

Then to the doors, he gladly leans to open
Praying silently to the welfare of the flock
Denying his own comfort and warmth
Greeting the flock one after the other
While they all watch on excitedly

His hands are smeared with dust and soot
He minds not the awful smell
The day will be fast gone, spent unwisely
If the Cows are not fast milked
And the Chickens eggs taken to safety

The moonlights are like childrens firecrackers
The nights are filled with sweet memories
For I once a small poultry tender
Will always return to my beds warmth
A very good dream to gather



What shall we say
Now at this fine moment of May
That we stand on this wet clay
Watching the Sun leave the day?

Now the leaves fall and fade
In the streams, we quietly wade
And to our past we solemnly bade
Welcoming the future which the Creator made

The dark clouds grow and gather
The wind starts her grim asunder
Along her path, she flings everything, people and
For the owners to come find them later

How my heart jumps with joy “cos of you
Hued with the chimney best looks of soot
I dream, I work and in all I do
Hoping to become someone good and new!

Now after the rain, comes the happy Sun
The men throw the tent doors open
As a new day, free and healthy is born
And can anyone decipher what the good Lord has


Poetry as genuine as it should be, Part 1

Poetry is like we humans, existing on earth. Each
poem is like one different man out of the billions. You
do not expect it to look exactly like the other. It has its
own uniqueness different from others. Poetry need
not be lengthy or very short, it must not be like
Shakespeares work, it must not be like Okigbos piece. A poem can come in subtle words, it can also come in
simple word texts. A poem can come in any form or
format; sonnet, lyrics, ballad, ode, poessay, poetale,
anything at all, which your style must make powerful,
consistent and unique. A word can be a poem, a
phrase, a sentence, two lines, three lines, anything! So don’t worry about how your poetry will look or trying
to “standardize” your poetry, create or invent your
style of writing poems and give it life as it deserves!


A Psalm, of Oke Iroegbu

I am writing a poem about you
For a well blessed day it was
You made the skies dark blue
And such a lovely day gone pass

Today I was heavily stressed
My eyes weak and dreary
To find my way to bed
I pray you, dwell with me

We all are thankful to Thee
Heavens blessings on us do fall
Myself, my friends and lovely family
Your love keeps us all

The whole of Nature praise you
The flying birds, the tree leaves
The whole of Nature, with her hue
All come to bow before Thee