Midnight Thought

Once upon a midnight dreary
As I pondered weak and weary

The night was grim and all was damp
Swarms of flyfull insect surround my lamp

And out there the trees stood like Halloween ghosts
Waiting to take a stab, standing lightly on the dusts

The clouds shine, Zeus was trying out his new lamp
His match sticks light the heavens, lands and the swamp

The grey bearded unsmiling Moon shone gleefully
My big head watching it, tired and weary

My head stuck back into the window hole
And at first it fell on a big bowl

A friend lay snoring up the bed
And to me, the cool ground I laid

Strange lonely sounds of the dark
Rent the air, on my mind it left its mark

This night cold, quiet and galely uncaring for its looks
And all I had as a pillow was those books

I thought wild, letting my mind wander
Minding not the quick wind and her asunder

But if I was asked to let be
This night, what the gifts God gave me

The disturbing slow-speed lamplight moth
Or the cold winds this strange Night brought?


Lost Love

Love caught me unawares
Staring thru the dim light
Across the long quiet hall
And the solemn drops of rain
Sifting cool breezes thru the window
The length of my arm surveying
And the wavering candle light joyful
My paper shade with tears
As you appear scantily clad before me
Oh smooth smoke of the mind
This night reminds me of you


Uyo Night Rain

Thundering, Heavens clap
In might and strange call
We tremble, we watch
The crystal drops fall
Freezing winds flush about
The rain falls, uncaring The Heavens light, thunders nephew
Show his face, now and then
Sending chills down our spines
Everyone clasping their cheeks
Some minding not the dripping saliva
All waiting and watching With some enjoying the cold
Dreading the fearsome duo; the lightning and his


Tree Tale with FranK Onuoha

Tree tale
by Oke Iroegbu and Frank Onuoha
March 14, 2015

Sitting under a long leafy tree
On a mild and serene noon
With some Natures best creatures
A stray buzzing bee
A colony of black ants
A handful of wild mushrooms
And some twittering birds
The breeze blows at intervals
Bringing the smell of Cattle to us
And the trees leaves tried to see
Those who took refuge under her comfort
Blushing at the admiration on our eyes
As we perceive the sweet fragrance from her flowers
While the fruits fall solemnly
What a sight this is!
The cute plummages on the birds
The birds sitting on the tree
On this quiet and calm Sun
And us sitting under the trees warmth!


Family Thoughts

– Family is Divine. Marriage is approved by God, so also is the family. The family influences the society and the family is an agent of positive change.

– Family gives hope and understands more than any other. If we are from the same roots, live together, play together, hope together, love and care together and definitely knows when one is sad, downtrodden, good and lively we tend to understand one another without much stress. We understand when one needs to stay alone or when he-she needs a hug. So the family do understand better most times.

– Family funtime is the best playtime! Have you watched a comic, drama, movie or concert with the family or shared a joke? Have you tried playing games with loved ones? The joy derived in the smiles and laughter of a loved one lightens the heart and unburdens the soul. It gives a heart felt feeling which is indescribable.

– The family cares and loves. It is only in the family that you see unbiased love, care and emotion. In a family that loves one another, God abides and to stand together a strong team of hearts is built.

– Family shares, builds and lives together. Knowing that your sister, brother, husband, wife, baby, uncle, aunty, niece, cousin etc are part of you and pieces of traits found in them maybe found in you, push up that feeling of closeness, community and humanity. You see such people as you see yourself, you love them as much too.

– Family is a Divine agent of Comfort, Encouragement, Control, Reconciliation and Consolation. Take a quick look at the prodigal son who came back with nothing but shame and disgrace, but the family welcomed him back. Whenever I feel deeply hurt, pain, sad, happy, good, achieved, I do call the attention of the family or atleast one member of the family. It boosts my believe that someone has my back and would always lend a shoulder, arm or a word. Towards the times of stress, eg exam times, I travel home to acquaint and relieve myself of education, work and other stress. It do work for me. Each time I resume schooling or work after staying with the family I find myself better improved and equipped, ready and in high spirits to succeed and exceed my previous efforts.

– But then, sometimes things will change but we must begin and end with the family. Here, you can always come back to the family, it”s always yours. Friends leave, but family always stay.

So do pray, love, care and never forsake the family.