How days turn to nights
Fast the way ahead runs,
Everyone in haste to follow it
A glimpse we need and a little wit

How friends turn pale and blue
All changes in different hues
And we grow without it
In hope of another to meet

How it all comes to me now
To you I could give a brief bow
The mist dries on the mid day
Before then you were on your way

How the leaves fall from the trees
In solemn circles around the farmstead
Quietly, we watch in awe
While the grey deer gnaw

How with guns we live
Hatred, pain, wrath, disbelieve
The reason, being unforgiveness
But war machines rage on, relentless

What do you call love
When on the streets children bereaved;
Die in reject, loneliness and pain
Are we waiting for a Samaritan?

Hues and colors change when mixed
There is hope if together we bleed
Diseases are in town, the villagers are happy
But then, is that not inhumanity?

Will life be worth living alone?
The Lord wants this, He is above all thrones:
‘The tents are full of harvest
Share with the needy, keep them on your breast’

The love you seek, find it everyday
Show it to kids, the Earth, and everybody
Let the ‘word’ be caring and love
And to the clouds we all shall wave

Now the world seems so dark
Falling tree leaves, chimneys black
And if true love has been here
To all, there would have been some fresh air!

When clocks chime around the block
Then all in haste wakes to work
With no favor, with no fear
Of how this dying Earth fares!

save the trees, save you and me!