Leaving home

I stand afar,
With tearful eyes
I think I saw you waving
Up, up the grassy path
Leading to the hills, you stood
Perhaps smiling and nodding
The setting sun on your back
The heavy luggage hanging
And all was just black
Maybe, I knew not the pains
That comes with leaving home
The unshed tears of the heart
Of living far from the smiles
Back pats, plays and warmth
Of all loved ones and family

You must go,
You assured us, we knew it
To bring food and comfort
To our stomach and heart
We shall play under the mango
Your favorite reading place
And your advice won’t leave us
No tree climbing, no hare hunting
The wilds are strange and cruel
Accept no gift from strangers
Keep your little ones safe
Don’t play late nights,
The bushes are also cruel
It would make you lose your way
Don’t let the little ones stray
If the rains wind shake the windows
Hold it, why the little ones sleep
Don’t complain much, lest they imitate you
Do not worry, I have these on mind
Don’t stand much, move along

Dried stacks of soil
Patched up by the sun
But you till, you sweat
The lands you plough
Letting the sun whip your back
You tell the tales of the way
Of strange lands and people
The strange humped animals of the wild
Blushing as smiles carve out
And when it is time to go
Held the little hands that clutch
Your embrace, fearing not to let go
With tears falling over you
All for love, tender and kind
Living in other peoples land
But staying in our hearts