Musing: I was scared

Oh I was scared,
All the time I got into trouble
And a memory of dads slap
And all ministering birds taking flight!

I was scared on the mirror
That I could never belong,
Yes ‘he’ is weird; an Elfy ear
A grey eye and a strange look

I was scared even,
To walk down the lonely road
Walking thru the dark quiet voids
Looking for hiding lurking shadow

I was scared of love,
That the nights will be cold
The beds blanket empty
And I, lonely, in thought and reality

I was scared of bullies
For I had no strength
To fight, the mind to hate
But the world won’t let me be

I was scared of war tales
Of the nights of pain and hunger
Of mans inhumanity, Auschwitz, Biafra
And then I just imagine, with my eyes closed

I was scared even more,
Deep down the realms of my soul
That I had forsaken the truth
And I realise it’s time to sit up