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The Legend of Wawadomea: The Blue Horizon

The sunset drew a picture
Which had lived with me
For all my younger life
A strange uproar heartfelt
It was aye, very strange
That aye, I mean I
Will be amongst this lot
This people forsaken kind of clan
Living the life of a sea pirate
Out in the weirdest part of the ocean

The blue horizon, carved on the skies
With birds returning, to their homes
And we, in a strange-looking island
Somewhere off the vast ocean
Cautious and seldom willing to prowl about
A fading horn sounded, not so far away
All looked up, staring at each other
“I afraid, I wonder, what may that be?”
Pirate Tusky, wanting a left hand said
He must have spoken so loud
That even the half deaf Cronorie
Swiftly swerved around to look at him,

The Lifnante was glad we were off sea
I felt so, on an errand sent from Sundjata
The Lifnante was high on bottled spirits
“Git here boy, havee som rhum, will ya?”
I could feel the uncalled-for excitement
He was at the extreme end of the camp
There was a group of rocks
Bordering the beach and the forest
And he cared for less
“There’s a horn sire, a sort of bugle sire”
I delivered my message, but he
He waved me off with the hand
And grunted as a pirate filled his cup

The night was stormy, but all was calm
Just lightning and flash all the way
I was awake, I was scared all the time
But then I slept when I knew not…

To be continued…


A Dust of Locust

Okechukwu Iroegbu

A dark patch I saw from afar
On a day the doors where left ajar
A falling mist upon earth
Greysome; a sight I loath
The sun had seen much
For I, never seen such

Steven M Ross

Sunlight still prevail
Every emotion that you feel
Like poetry is a bust
So does the wind
Blow the dust
Nature’s beauty is still unchanged
Like the fresh smell
Of a perfumed flower fragrance
Love put you in a trance
With every thought
You will dance
As if its autumn
And leaf fall in circles
From a branch
So much is your eye-sight advanced

I had written this poem with a friend, Steven Ross(Cape Town, South Africa) earlier this year; January 1 & 2… The first part was mine while he wrote the second stanza.