Poetale: Storm

It was evening
In a little hamlet
The skies were dark
With all frowning grey clouds
Gathering together for a talk
But always when they do gather
It only leads to mayhem
And total disaster
Because they would never agree
To any discussed matter
It all began with the rain
Accompanied by a very strong wind
The rains stayed for a while
Letting the breezes flow through
Pulling trees, wringing the brushes
To and fro, the foot path
Then shouts rang out
From here and there, fleeing rooftops
The clouds darkened the more
And the pines sang out loud
A strange cry from the skies
A crack of the thunder
And his cousin, the lightning
Taking obscure pictures
Of his siblings toil
The wind blew up the sands
Into curious eyes, grinning
As she push all about
Bullying all daring to stand on her way
Kissing the window panes
Playing a drum of rains
On the rooftop of houses
Blowing out smoking chimneys
The dark clouds conceal
All raindrops waiting to jump
To come see the green Earth
The noises behind those homes
As the storm shakes thru the forests
Birds hide in cracks everywhere
Huts, rocks and tree barks
The night was chilled
There was nothing up the skies
But dark clouds and its armoury of rain
Another mother Natures pranks

Oiroegbu Halls