Poetale: Story of Faith

Once upon a time
In a land separated
By a peaked hill
With clouds gathering
On its highest tops
The other side of the hill
Nests the only stream
Which serves all, cattle, man
The villagers must then
Climb the hill which was hectic
A whooping half days trek
To get to the stream
To walk around was easier
But then the forests weren’t friendly
It reared beasts
And people do lose their way
There lived a young man,
Always praying and asking
Believing that a miracle
Must come one day soon
On one night he thought
“What if the hill moved
What if it moved away
From its position?”
He was full of hope
On the morrow,
He was already at the town centre
Crying out to townsmen
To come, gather for prayers
A strange prayer, it seemed
He told of his plans
And people wondered
Pondering on the dreams
Of the young man
“I believe there’s One
Who hanged the hill
Up there, who kept the stream from us
I believe that he can
Take it away from our way!”
“Oh foolish one, oh foolish dream”
People ranted openly
Jeering at the young man
“I shall pray
Even though you won’t with me”
He courageously declared
On that night he stayed awake
Praying, calling unto God
“Oh master, hear my voice
Hear my voice…”
All his broken soul could say
He slept off after, peacefully
As the birds twittered
The next bright morning
He heard shouts outside
And knocks rammed his door
Shaking its hinges ferociously
He got out, and all about
Where people raising their hands
Shouting, all talking at the same time
Pointing towards the hills place
He ran off, swiftly towards the hills
Breathing hard, pondering
And lo, as he raced
He saw governments bulldozers
Ploughing the hills
The government was to build
A road through the hill
And so God truly answered him!

I needed to say a word of  encouragement to someone tonight. Tonights piece is straight forward, and self explanatory. The poetale talks about Faith and Believing in yourself. Take sometime and always ask God for all your needs. Trust not on human standards, or back talk. Some things might look impossible, unrealistic but God works in mysterious ways. Believing and positivity(faith) decides if you will succeed or not in lifes struggle. Prayers might be all we need for success after a hard work done. Stay safe, pray always.

Oiroegbu Halls


Viva Africa!

Africa –my pride
The land of husker corn
Barley adorn your lengths
And date palms embellish you
The coasts in your waters
Glitter with mother of pearls
Signifying your just blood
Salmon glide on in its might
The land of Quasar drum
And the… palm beer
Your calabash is full of sorghum
And millets grounded in pepper
Cattle move around you
And the sunflowers beautify you
Showing your pure spirit
The land of rivers and lakes
The Victoria and the Chad
The farm that grows the Shea
And the Iroko, the Gmelina
I can sing of you with pride
Because of your just spirit


Line 9: The Quasar drum is a native of Southern African tribes.

Line 10: The Palm beer: a whitish  medicinal brew tapped from some species of the palm tree.

Line 17: Lake Victoria of East Africa and Lake Tchad of Central Africa.

Study Questions:

1. Do you really think that the poem says all about Africa? Why or why not?

2. What are the dominant figures of speech used on the poem?

Oiroegbu Halls



Early in the morning
The sun stays home
Taking care of her kids
Letting the Heavenly dew rest
There’s moist on vegetations;
There’s moist on trees
There’s moist on shrubs
On grasses and the pans
There’s moist on my hands
As I give each flower a shake
The skies are dark
Painted with different shades
And all gloom looking
Blackish mixture, cloudy
Like Zeus was about to war
And we could see his commanders
All drawn across the horizon
With all armor ready
Then were birds absent
Insects and hoppers holed up
The dew gives its water
To all creatures
Who could wander
Up the hills green fields

Oiroegbu Halls