The Warmth of Life

To my love
My hearts desire

My heart dances when it rains
But the heat, the warmth I miss
The trees wave all about the land
And the white sea water rush-
All foaming towards the earths frontier
How pretty they are,
How perfectly made

The network of blue clouds
Passing in a solitary march
Across the vast horizon
Pulling the winds with them
Hanging a shadow above us
Giving warmth, hope and love

Look at the sun when mild
Stare at the lake, solemn
Walk through the yellow fields of Wheat
On a valley, built by the rocks
Let the young calves nibble hay from your palms
And feel Natures awesomeness

If the Golden sun stays
And all morning we stand
At the windows side
Wishing and praying for it
All believing that the sun rises quick
Bringing all life back to its feet
And the cold melting away from the earth

The warmth of life
Giving to us by God

Oiroegbu Halls