The Train

I see you pant
Gasping for air
As you climb the heights
Chuuu, you say, Chuuuuuu!
I wonder how it be
How you muster such courage
Such strength and majesty
The children are happy to see you
When your long snaky body
Pulls through the length of the village
‘ChuuChuuuChuuu!’ they cry
Though scared, they love you
How cunny your face seem
But you are happy traversing
The length of our land, pushing the wind
And strange red faces staring at us
Who are they, by the way?
Guess, all you can say
Is chuuu, chuuuu and chuuuu!


Musing: All Things Beautiful

Queues of tiny cute rabbits
Unperturbed and playing in the corn fields
Eagles watching patiently over them
Neon-lit streetlights in the dark
Scents of the Rose and the Marigold
Calls of the Patridges across the forested waterfalls
Emeralds dressed in flower-smiles
Yesterday was fast snoring, again

Cakes of snow;
Hopes beautiful painted in artful sceneries
Utensils of fine silver hung on the walls
Kettles of the sweetest teas boil
Watered lilies blushing in the wooing Suns face
Ululation of songs sweet as fresh milk
Dreams shining brightly like the Diamond
Iota of Golden blessing on thee
Me says, ‘God bless ya all’


A Run In The Rain

Now the clouds are crying
The lines of silver show off
And the dark skies drain
Not a sight of the moon
Non of the stars either
Just me and Nature
The patterings bash on my head
On this night,
I was naked as I came
The rain drops beat me
In a soothing romance
The colds ate into my flesh
Shivers up in my bones

A home of my raging fury
A home of my boiling poetry

This joy of playing with Nature
The hope of another day
… Of another hope-full day
In the company of Nature herself
Feeling like a fish roaming
Searching the deeps of the Ocean floor
The rains wash me
All thru my body lines

The dreams I always want
The happiness I crave most

The knowledge I seek
Each day, from Nature
A humble character
Under the rain,
Or my whispering Pine
And the crickets on my room
Or yet a green soup


Church Boy

The church clock-bell dings
On light morning sundays
Waking the hamlet, the neighborhood
Solemn, pink and sunny day
A reverenced time, absolute
All roads lead to the Lords House
Pulling strange flowers on the way
As the morning sun wakes from his slumber
The clouds let the airs pull us about
Leading us to the way

Sitting on the first row
Thru white painted sits
Immaculate, graciously adorned
A hearty welcome from all
Humans hospitality, a time for the Lord
Looking up to The Cross
Praying silently, lips muttering
Closer to Heavens precious gates
And the piano chuming tunes
An adoration, heart warming
When the fans blow lazily
And the blessed choir rendition sing out
Oh, HOLY are You Lord!
Blessed are those who come before Thee
Ye, the spirit of the Lord
Teach us the way to life
And let the living say amen