Maker of Poetry

Now poetry had it all
A way of life, dreams and fancy
When we wake, it sings
At bedtime it comes around
In the fields, in the airs
On the back of the Camels
On automobiles on the streets
It is on the food we eat
Can you hear it pray ‘eat me?’
The fishes knows about it
The ants do too
The Orange color is it
The Sky cut in blue and white bits
A song from the Scottish pipe
A strange lifestyle, though awesome
The Streams running hastily over pebbles
The Ducks sitting quietly over a quiet pond
The dark nights and the fiery growls of Wolves
The green woodlands of the Earth
The blue Whales horn
A crickets screech of cold
A dancing happy child
Oh, even a sad moan
But poetry tells it all
The roar of the Lionesses
Prowling the Veldt
Touregs, culture and humanity
A strong rendition, a choirs
A thought, a drawing, a painted one
The Zulu chant of victory
Over brewed mqobothi
Oh poetry was made for all!
The seeds of the Oil Bean
Dance about during the sky-fall
An Iroko on her prime length
Lets her branches romance the Cloud
The infants clog about the clay soil
The winds that traverses the Earth
The minute lifes in the Forests
The talkative green feathered parrot
Lakes serene tales and songs
Trees, of ancient poets
Waterfalls obscure voices
The Saharas whistling wind
Poetry knows it all
It is in everyone
Instrumentals play in my head
A poem thankful to God
Maker of man, Nature and poetry