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Top of the day to you, I bring you poetic greetings and hearts. I will like to introduce you to another poetic invention: poetale. You might just wonder what it is, it is a fun way of telling stories in poetic styles and stanzas. Most of my poems come in this form. Poetales might lack the basic poetic characteristics but it is written on Run-on-lines. It might become more fun to read since actually it’s a tale. It is necessary to consider it as a poetic style for some reasons which I will publish later and who knows how popular it will become in few years time. You can check out The Legend of Wawadomea and A Tale of The Wildwoods, all published here. They are good examples of Poetales. So hang on, have fun and let’s explore this together. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

Ladies and gents, I give you my Poetales.

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Actually, Narrative Poems have been around for a very long time. Examples such as “The Night Before Christmas” are famous. I actually wrote three such poems back in 2001. These have all the elements of poetry, including perfect meter, and perfect rhyme, while at the same time telling a compelling and profound story. These have already been registered for copyright, and published without illustrations. I will be publishing these “Poetales”, or “Versetales” as children’s picture books in the next few months. To give you an example of just one of them, here are the first couple stanzas:

I saw a strange sight as I walked in the glen,
I’ve never seen stranger, I can’t recall when;
‘Twas a maiden all decked like a beautiful queen,
But there on her neck: what a sight to be seen!

Her head was on backwards with pipe in her mouth,
Her body walked north while her head pointed south;
So perfect she was from the neck to her toes,
But what happened above I suppose only God knows!

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