So Long A Dreamers Joy

The sun gave its last smile
Then went to sleep for the day
Cool wooing sea breezes wash thru
Sending an emissary notice
To the gleefully shining stars
On a night many wondered about
The moon happy as he seemed
Searched the beautiful glades in haste
Looking for ones love –his love
Once, more crickets quizzed themselves
And from a long distance the wolf called
The whistling pine beckoned to the owl
Whispering musical notes
And then…
They held hands together
And in those eyes joy flowed
Reaching the touch from the skies
It took them from reality
To a world of fireworks
Catapulting to shapes of agape
Dawn was on his way a trifle shy
Pushing to join the union
It is time to part for love
Another night waits patiently
To smile and to see
The happy times of love
Surely such nights are rare…
For Africa I love.

Line 3: Thru… Through
Line 7: The moon is personified
Lines 10-12: Love is portrayed in the poetry

Study Question.
1. Discuss the use of personification in the poem.