Farewell to thee city
It is time I move
I long to stay
But something else calls
I wish to play
But if I do, what shall I gain?
The clouds are grey
All is solemn
But despair not
I shall continue to write
To paint colors
To draw smiles on faces
To tell tales of inspiration
To do my best for mankind
To warm the hearts that love
To listen to the trees
To sing with the Wind
And foremost to love
But then forget not
My little efforts with desires
Of being with you
My strong rainy nights
My cricket room mates
The cold in the evenings
My window outpost
My blue eyed Clouds
The birds that twitter
The lullabies of the roof top
And the stories of my loved ones
I shall take a moment
To plead you to stay safe
And soonest, God willing I shall make
The ink and the pen my life

Godspeed to me
God stay with thee

Dear esteemed readers,
I am moving to another town, where I school. I shall try to post poems when I am free. I might be engaged with my academic books and the local radio.