Another Musing

The air blows out there
And it shoves my friend around
Here, a cricket calls out mildly
Thru its dark hidden caves
And light moths congregate on my lamp dancing excitedly
Forgetting too soon the dangers of the lamps prisoner
There’s no moon tonight
The clouds were usually quiet
Now and again, the Wind bullies all
My neighbor, the green Plantain tree
Stood solitary, waving its leaves
And all the time happy
When the airs caress her
It is not cold as much
But the loneliness is cold

Can you imagine the Earth
With all flowers and trees
And all sweet fruits and nuts
One for you and one for me?


To thee Fairest

To thee fairest of all
I lay confused on this bed
And why this is, I know not
I stare up the ceilings
To find answers to my voidness
And alas; I find none
Maybe, I find many selfish;
Alone in this game of love
But then my senses are undisturbed
Though I think of thee always
A blowing wind on the fields
Reminds me of thee
A singing Nightingale
Tells me all about thee
But then my senses are unperturbed
I let my senses stray
But then they all stray to thee
If it be I have fallen
Let it be I fall for thee fairest


Rain drums

When there’s a dark cloud
Hopes are for rain
The Garden plants dance in excitement
And the little ants enjoy a day off
Cloudy sky to many
Presents a sign of hope
And when it pours,
There’s joy all over the land
The ground would be little good for nothing
If she disallows the rain to fall on her
And I as a toddler decades ago
Remember my rain time plays
And how the rain patters
Beat the roof tops
Creating a natural lullaby
For all life that cares to listen.