A Tale of the Trees

Tonight, it is airy
And I can hear voices
I heard the Pine trees whisper
To all trees, Baobabs, Oaks; and the bald Owl
A tale of the nights
With the Moon on guard
The Wild Plums struggling to stay awake
To hear the tale of the trees
‘Listen brethren, I get a tale’
The chief Pine bride began
‘Once a time ago
We were very good friends
With all humans, black, white
We play together, we eat together
We feed men and they defend us
They protect us and it was brotherly
Then a Star fell from above
And man followed this Star
They totally forgot about us
And then one day
Man returned; with metals
And my fathers fathers father saw them
With such ire destroyed many of our folks’
Believe me, many trees wept
‘What do they gain destroying us?’
An Apple tree asked
‘I love their kids, I let them play about me
And I throw them fruits to eat’
‘Me too,’ ‘Me three!’ Trees yelled
‘Well, seems we are lesser beings
But in me there’s life!’
A tall fat Mahogany said
‘Let’s hope they forgive us
If our appearance on Earth
Causes them some discomfort’
The Pine tree concluded solemnly
And now the little fauns felt pity
The Moon itself stood motionless
And it was really a heart cold night

To all wonderful life giving trees. SAVE THE TREES, SAVE OUR LIVES!

©Oke’ Iroegbu.